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Liquid Nitrogen

I heard him turn to walk away from me, and felt an irrational panic rise inside of me. I didn't want to be alone in this.

"Please," I croaked, "Don't leave."

His footsteps stopped and everything was silent until the second girls agonizing screams sounded throughout the room. I cried out as I felt the heat of the flames engulf the room again and blisters begin to form against my skin. His steps were fast then as he wrapped his arms around me shielding me from the brunt of the flames, as the suffocating heat in the room still promised to choke me. Within thirty seconds, however, the heat disappeared and the only sound left in the room was what I presumed to be the quiet crying of the third girl I had seen earlier across the room.

And then she started screaming.

"W-what are you?" I breathed with silent tears running down my face. He slowly unwrapped himself from me, and I felt him as he slid down against the wall next to me.

"Vitae Bibentis."

My eyes widened in shock as I realized the little Latin I had learned in school, helped me to translate the meaning of his words. Life drinker.

What did that mean?

"Why did he do this to us?" I questioned desperately. "Can you help, can you fix this? I have money, I swear to God I'll do anything!"

"The Prince," he sighed, "Silas, he has no choice. This is the tradition of our kind and it cannot be reversed."

"You kidnap girls and kill them because of a tradition?" I yelled angrily not understanding how I let this happen to me.

"You don't understand," he spoke quietly," Each of our kind is born searching for his life mate."

I was stunned momentarily, before I screeched incredulously, "You've got to be kidding me! He's looking for his soul mate?"

I heard him chuckle sadly before responding, "The bond they share can not be described in human terms. Every century the covens' Prince is obligated to infect 4 human women, whose life essence calls to him in search of a human life mate. They are allowed to stop if they find their life mate amongst our own kind which is more common. The prince has been searching for nine centuries" he paused as I gasped, "It has taken him an unusually long time. A human life mate is extremely rare."

"How rare?"

It was quiet for a while before he spoke again, "I've only ever heard about it in legends. We've never actually witnessed a human life mate."

"So this could all just be a fucking hoax bedtime story!" I screamed, feeling everything in me drain out of my system. I was going to die.

And as if reinforcing my words, the familiar screech and flaming heat encompassed the room again, as tears flowed out of my eyes. This was it. I was next.

When the screaming stopped, I felt a surge in my veins of panic. Or maybe that was the venom, I didn't know. All I knew was that I had begun shaking and my skin felt like it was tingling, not itching, but more like it been dipped in liquid nitrogen.

"F-fuck" I groaned as my teeth began chattering and I felt my body temperature drop. I was so cold, I felt like I couldn't breathe. Is this what it felt like when venom infected your body? Is this what it felt like to die?

My vision began to swim, as I felt my eyes start to roll back. My heart clenched in my chest so painfully, I screamed out and tried to curl into myself only to be restrained by the chains around my wrists and ankle. Then it started palpitating so powerfully I thought it would pop through my chest cavity. I was writhing in my chains, and so cold, so mind numbingly cold. I couldn't think anymore.

And then suddenly, a warmth encompassed me. A familiar warmth, a beautiful, glowing feeling and I suddenly wondered if this is what the flames felt like for the other girl. Why had they screamed out while their bodies burned? The relief of the fire was heaven compared to the cold.

"Silas!" I heard the guy who had stayed with me yell. "Prince Silas!"

'Call me when they're all dead'

I remembered his words well, and felt a bubble of cynical laughter in my head. I must almost be there.

"What the fuck is going on?" a voice I recognized as Silas echoed throughout the room. "Kill her right now Zeikel. Kill her!"

I felt a dangerous pressure building up inside me, as if my body was about going to implode on itself.

"S-Silas." I vaguely heard Ziekel, as I felt like I was losing control of my senses. I was losing control of my mind. "It's her!"

"No!" I heard Silas roar, as I felt something inside me explode forward with such force, everything turned black.

Finally, death.

I rolled onto my back and snuggled into my sheets. It had all been a terrible nightmare I realized as soon I could consciously recognize the feel of my head against feather pillows. I smiled, relieved that I just conjured up the craziness of that situation and vowed that I would definitely take the alcohol consumption a little easier if it meant avoiding night terrors like the one I had last night.

I opened my eyes slowly, only to see bright green eyes staring into mine.

"The human is awake!" A young girl with raven locks laughed bubbly as she ran to the door.

The human..?

My eyes darted around quickly, and I sat up immediately realizing I wasn't in my room. I took in my surroundings, gazing at the opulent furniture and the oversized bed I had been laying in. I was covered in red silk sheets and I looked down, shocked and embarrassed to find myself missing my clothes.

"Where am I?" I questioned, quickly wrapping the sheets around my torso.

The little girl smiled up at me from the door then, "Home!"

Just then the door opened behind her to reveal a beautiful woman with flaming red hair and the most perfectly glowing skin I had ever seen.

"Rebekah!" The little girl gasped, as she squirmed away from the door and to my bedside.

The woman, identified as Rebekah, was staring fiercely at me and I felt myself shrink under her gaze. She took a few more steps forward and I saw the nervous look in the little girl's eyes as she took an almost protective stance in front of me.

"Rebekah?" The little girl questioned again quietly.

"I will not hurt her. I only wanted to see who Silas will be spending the rest of his life with." The emotions swimming in her eyes were a mix of anger, jealousy and sadness. The air was thick with tension as the door opened again to reveal the man I had met briefly yesterday. I gasped loudly as everything began to sink in.

Silas and Ziekel.

I was alive. I had survived- which meant that I was...I was Silas' life mate!

"This can't be possible!" I shrieked, backing into the headboard and pinching myself so I would actually wake up from this nightmare.

Rebekah took one more glance at me before stalking out of the room, leaving me with Ziekel and the little girl.

"What's your name?" The girl climbed up onto the bed and smiled turning away from me to look at Ziekel, "Ziekel, I was worried about Rebekah for a second there. I thought she was going to try to hurt the human!"

"Liliana, you know she wouldn't do that," Ziekel sighed, "Her life is tied to Silas."

"Oh yeah," she laughed, "But the look in her eyes..." she grimaced and turned back to me. I was still in shock and trying to process what was happening around me.

"Are you feeling okay?" Ziekel questioned walking over to the bed.

"Why am I naked?" I blurted out. Word vomit to the max. As if me being naked was the most important thing I had to worry about.

If this situation wasn't so fucking crazy, I probably would have laughed at the uncomfortable look in Ziekel's face before he answered warily, "Your body burned the clothes you had been wearing."

I blanched, thinking that I had been naked in front of both Silas and Ziekel, which was stupid considering I had just about been willing to sleep with Silas a few hours ago. "How did I get here?"

"I carried you." He said diverting his eyes away from me.

"Naked?" I screeched. "You carried me naked?!"

"What's the big deal?" Liliana questioned, "We're naked at all of our festivals."

"It's a little different for humans," Ziekel said to the little girl. "I'm sorry," he said as he bowed his head in front of me. "Silas refused, so I had to carry you out of the chamber."

Liliana gasped, "Silas let you touch his life mate?"

Ziekel nodded before responding, "They haven't completed the bond yet, Liliana. He feels no real attachment to her because he's fighting it."

Liliana looked at me sadly before explaining, "Silas and Rebekah have been together for the last three centuries. He's upset now, but he'll get over it, don't worry! My big brother is not so bad once you get to know him."

I felt sick to my stomach. Not only had I been kidnapped, and unwillingly deemed the life mate of something called a Vitae Bibentis, but now I was stealing both Silas' and Rebekah's happiness away from each other. No wonder she had looked at me so hatefully. I had just popped up out of nowhere and now the love of her life for 300 years was supposed to be bonded to me for life!

"We don't have to do this," I pleaded, "You guys can just send me home, and they can be together. I won't say a word, I won't tell anyone, I swear I wouldn't-"

"If it was that simple, why the fuck would you still be here, Aria?" The way my name rolled off his tongue was so venomous I shrank back into the headboard again. I hadn't even heard him open the door, but there he was standing next to Ziekel, peering daggers into my eyes with such hatred I wanted to disappear.

"Aria," Liliana smiled nervously. "That's a pretty name."

"Prince Silas," Ziekel bowed, and then straightened.

"I told you to stop doing that Ziekel," Silas growled. "Hebian and Rachael want to see her tonight. We're celebrating" he said through gritted teeth.

"Mom will love her," Liliana grinned looking at me, "She's very pretty."

I looked away from her, embarrassed, before hearing Silas say icily, "She's human."

"Still pretty, though!" Liliana crawled off the bed and moved to his side, "You're just making her more miserable Silas. Get out of here."

I looked at Silas again, and remembered the hungry way his icy blue eyes had devoured me last night. I shivered as my mind conjured up the memory of his tongue sliding down my neck, the way his lips felt against mine. The way I couldn't gain control of myself that night because of the fog that had clouded my brain.

I knew I was turning red, and I cursed my sick brain from conjuring up images of that part of the night. I should be feeling sick, not having disturbing fantasies about the sexual escapade that proceeded my kidnapping.

And the murder of three other girls.

I paled at that, then cringed when he responded to Liliana."This is my room."

"Silas!" She sounded exasperated, "At least let her get ready!"

"You're a brat," Silas sighed, the look of anger he held towards me, diminished quickly in the presence of his little sister.

"Cutest brat you know, big brother."

He glanced over at me, as electricity passed in the air between us. His gaze hardening instantly, before he turned to walk out of the door, "We feast at sundown."

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