Something I came up with on the way home from a very long geology field trip… I can't think of a title, so I'm going to to go with "just something"... maybe I'll incorporate it somehow. Chapters will be short as it is originally made on tumblr. -VIYH

I watched him, over at his usual table. The sun bouncing off his golden locks as he grinned and laughed. He brought sunlight with him wherever he went, lighting the room with his brightness. I dreamed he was laughing about something I said, his brightness washing over me.


He would stare intently into my eyes as I spoke, looking deeply into my soul, washing it clean with his light. His blue eyes would draw me in, leaving the grey and stoic world.


I snapped out of my revere over Jared, the only thing in life worth anything. "Yes?" I replied, irritated.

"Seriously? You sit here and stare at him EVERY day, and yet you NEVER talk to him? All you can say is yes?" I rolled my eyes at my friends antics.

"Melody, if I talked to him the magic of unrequited love would be ruined and my passion would fade like blood drying, stained on my soul but cracked by the fact I know that I have some sort of relationship with him."

Melody put her hands on her small hips, accented by her corset and extremely floofy skirt. "I don't know is that is the deepest or most pathetic thing I have ever heard. Wouldn't have any relationship with him be the best?" She pursed her bright red lips as she narrowed her eyes.

It was my turn to roll my eyes. She didn't understand that if I were to talk to him, it would end too quickly. He would notice my intense feelings for him, get creeped out, then have all his jock friends torture me for the rest of my life.

"Your just scared, you coward." she smirked evilly(?)

"Am not, I'm…" I trailed off, at a loss for words.

"Scared." Fully grinning now, she shook her head. "One of these days…"

"Well at least I sense of passion, rather then just chasing tail, its rather poetic don't you think?" Melody laughed outright at this.

"Poetic? Its so depressing, I expect you to commit suicide on his front porch any day now, planning to haunt him forever."

"They shouldn't let a mind as scary as yours onto the internet. You seriously see way to many things your not supposed to…" She rolled her almond eyes again and stood, taking her tray of barely touched food (if you can call anything served by schools "food") to the trashcan.

*sometime during the announcements*

"Don't forget to buy tickets to the spring semi-formal dance! Underneath the stars, the romantic rose blooms!" Half listening, I snorted at their attempt at romanticism. Romantic rose, really? How much cheesier can you get? Still…

Caleum opened the door, pulling me out of the limo. He pulled me into the school, transformed into a dance floor of balloons and paper roses. He grinned as we would start dancing to the beat that pulsed through our bodies. I would smile back, wrapping my arms around his neck as we danced to the same rhythm our bodies moving together. He would playfully lower his lips to my ear, tickling it with his breath…

The bell at the end of class made me jump. I shook my head as I gathered my things.