With the sun, the Magic goes.

A vibrant night can be as bright as day,

with stars masking the darkness of space,

nebula covering vast patches of sky,

and lions and dragons suspended in time and space.

The moon hangs askew to the horizon too,

it's grinning rim playfully looking down upon the land,

the moonbeams stronger then sunlight.

It is at this vibrant time of night,

the moment before twilight and after dusk,

when truly the majesty of the world can be seen.

The darkness could hide worlds of faeries or elves,

the sky home to benevolent spirits and mighty birds.

"All could be seen",

a child might think,

"If only there were light".

But as true as time the sun will rise upon twilight,

for a moment cast a colourful and warm blanket across the sky,

and darting young eyes may seek for those wonders in the illuminated shadows.

But alas as the sunrise came,

the magic went with its black velvet shadow,

pulling the world of majesty and wonder with it to sleep through the day.

Children wonder where the magic went,

and where the elves have gone,

and may someday come to feel that the night holds no wonder.

But even as they grow in size,

or some grow in mind,

we still search through those darkened spots,

for a glimpse of a dream or story.

For no matter how old we grow in any way,

the night's majesty and secrets are all still,

and always will be,

the playground of our imaginations.