Queen's View

A true beauty of nature indeed, lying so apart.

Hidden in the mountains far up in the country is Tummel, a Loch,

So blue and clear and striking that nobody dare mock.

Though it looks so alone, it touches even the coldest of heart.

The Loch cloaked with the trees, and green, green grass, it's a real art!

I wonder who once visited what now looks so isolated, even one simple rock,

Seems to have been never touched, there are no boats, ship and no dock.

To the troubled it could give a fresh start.

The mountains look down at what lies below, the Queen's view of Perth.

So blue, so beautiful, it could be endless, going on forever.

The place laughs at the rest of the worth, imagine all the laughter, mirth;

Do you think that Loch Tummel has even heard of such a thing or has it never,

Heard such joy, it is such a peaceful place, secreted by the earth.

I wish to live up there one day, sometime, someday, whenever…

A/N: This is old! So old, but I'm quite fond of it still. It was an English assignment to create a sonnet about a place that inspires you.