I feel a sense of dread creeping up my legs
Its long arms and legs crawling across my skin like slow lizards
Clawing at my skin for a grip
To pull itself up, to bring itself closer to my heart

It burns where its fingertips touched
Singeing my skin, leaving scars in its wake
Taking my pain to a new level of hell
Taking me up to the stake
And leaving my life in the balance of the wicked
Of the betrayed and the insane and the corrupted

Melting my skin, until I'm left raw
Opened for the world to see
Shaking hands, trembling lips, wet eyes
Nowhere left to hide
Nowhere to shun away from the eyes that burn you with hatred

I'd always seen my death as simple
Falling asleep and slipping away
A bullet through the heart and fade before I heard the shot
But life isn't that rewarding

If you're wicked, twisted, evil in a sense beyond words
There's no assumption death will not be the same
You feel your blood run cold on your hands
Your heart ripping to shreds

I deserved it
I deserved to suffer as my victims had suffered
No pity spared, no tears shed
Only crimson smiles as the life was taken from me

My funeral is a sad one
Dead roses resting on a rusted tomb
Only buried, because others had not lost their humanity
So there lay my disheveled body
Broken, torn, tattered and bloody
A smug grin of a fool
Whose greatest strength
Was in fact, her greatest weakness