"Raabbit, where are you hiding?"
I threw the table across the room; she thought she was hiding but I knew exactly where she was and I was just toying with her.
"You should have just accepted what happened and left things alone and we would have been just fine. Me and you against the world remember?"
I heard her try to stifle a cry and turned in the direction of the noise.
"I did everything I could to make his death up to you! I even loved you!" I yelled as I shoved the couch out of the way. She shrieked and tried to scramble away from me. I grabbed her pony tail and wrapped its length around my wrist; yanked her up out of the cubby hole that was formed in floor and pinned her between the wall and my body. She sobbed whether from pain or fear or both; I really don't care.
"Please!" she reached up and grabbed the arm that was holding her against the wall and tried to pull it away. "I, I, I'm sorry, I won't tell anyone, I swear." She had her eyes squeezed shut and was shaking her head back and forth. "Please Michael, don't hurt me!"
"You did this! I told you not to go digging into the past and you just couldn't do as you were told...the one thing I ever told you no on; in our entire relationship I never told you no, gave you everything you wanted or asked for. You couldn't do that one thing for me? No, now they know you know. I have no choice!" I slammed my hand into the wall next to her head. Her eyes flew wide open and finally looked me in the eyes. Our entire existence was in her eyes at that moment and I knew she would keep her word and never breathe a word if I asked her too.

Unfortunately we were past the point of return. It was either I ended her or they came for both of us; I was showing her the mercy they wouldn't. They wouldn't fail where I had; they would use her body up till it gave up all fight, they would break her hope of survival then leave her a few days to start building it up again and then they would do it all over again then finally end her life the worst way imaginable; all the while making me watch everything. Then possibly let me live with the knowledge that everything that happened was my fault. It was better this way, for her at least it will be quick.
"I love you Molly. I always have and I always will." It was barely a whisper but she had to know.
I pulled the pistol out and placed the barrel against her perfect breast.
"Oh my God, Michael, please, please don't do this!"
I pulled the trigger and her body slumped and blood drops spattered my face.