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Chapter Thirteen

"Look I've told you everything." I tried to adjust in the hard plastic chair I was sitting but nothing was helping. These things weren't made for someone to sit in them for hours at a time. That's the whole point of interrogations; make people as uncomfortable as possible. "Can I please stand up for a few minutes, my butt has been asleep for the past 10 minutes. Plus I need to go to the bathroom."
Detective Shaw looked at the uniformed cop standing next to the door and nodded. She walked over and unlatched the handcuff keeping me to the table. She turned me around and cuffed my hands together and escorted me to the bathroom.

When I got back into the interrogation Detective Shaw was standing against the wall and there was a manila envelope setting on the table. The lady cop cuffed me back to the table and took her post back at the door. Detective Shaw walked over to the table and pulled out three pictures and laid them down on the table in front of me, "Tell me who these people are."
I pointed to the first one, "Michael", the second one, "Bo", and then the last one, "Molly" her name caught in my throat and I choked back the tears. He then pulled out the last picture and laid it down, "Who is he?"
I didn't say anything for a minute and he cleared his throat, "Maranda, who is he?"
"Dale." I didn't look up until he said, "And who is he to you?"
"My dad."
He sat down in front of me, "You are telling me that this man is your father? You are telling me that you are giving up your dad, your flesh and blood all because this girl is dead." He held the picture of Molly up at me.
I nodded and a hot tear ran down my cheek. "She was the closest thing to family I had. Yea he was my dad but he will never be my family. After what I walked in on today I want him to hurt as much as I am right now."
Detective Shaw nodded, "You do realize I can't just let you go because you gave me this guy right?"
I nodded in return.
He looked at the police woman and nodded at her again. She un-cuffed me and lead me out into the busy police station, I looked up in time to see a police officer bring a cuffed Bo and a cuffed Dale into the station. I stopped and turned around as much as the police woman would let me, "Shaw", He turned in his seat and looked at me, "Yeah?"
"You know what would make this all worth it?"
"What would that be?"
"You tell those two sacks of shits exactly who turned them in and you tell them both who killed Michael."
He nodded and said, "I'll see what I can do."

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