"Um…can I help you?" I ask awkwardly, playing with my fingers.

His eyes just continue to stare at me, looking very expressionless. I stiffen even more under his stoic stare. His flawless face doesn't make the stare comfortable either, in fact, I feel even more awkward. Literally, there is nothing at all wrong with his face. High cheek bones, perfect lips, a straight nose, strong jaw, blemish free skin—I would have drooled if this were happening in a totally different situation, but I just walked home from school only to see this dude sitting on the couch staring at me. In fact, my front door's still open.

Usually, I would have a moment when staring at a hot guy and think, "Damn. You can come over anytime," or something "You can stare at me all day long, baby" but this is just too weird. And why in the hell is his skin so pale? Pfft. Looks like someone doesn't get out much.

"Are you a friend of Hayden?" I refer to my brother as I close the door, "Because he's at football practice at the moment." He still stares and no response is given. I gulp, "Uhm. Hello?"

"Hello," he replies, and as he says it, a shiver runs up my spine. His voice sounds silky, yet dangerous, and pleasant all at once. It's deep and probably the most perfect sound I have heard in all my life.

Why are Hayden's friends always freakishly hot?

"Uh, hi…" I give a little awkward wave, and feel like slapping myself. "Not to be rude or anything, but uhh…" I narrow my eyes and tilt my head, "Why are you here?" More like, how are you here? We lock everything before leaving, and I truly do mean everything.

No response. Instead, he stares, like he's studying me, and I feel my cheeks flame in embarrassment.

"Are you going to answer?" I ask.

Still nothing.

Okay, douchebag, way to leave me hanging.

He smirks, almost as if he read my mind, which is nonsense by the way. I'm pretty sure Hayden's friend isn't one of those freaks from last week.

His smirk widens. Well, at least he's displaying some emotion now. God, did his stoic-ness radiate arrogance… I hate arrogant people. They piss me off so much, that I can't even fathom it. Like for instance, if he didn't look about twenty times stronger than me, I would have punched him in the face.

He's probably arrogant because of his looks. Hell, I'm sure anyone would.


His girlfriend must feel really special.

How did I get here again? I went from arrogant people to this guy's girlfriend. I blame the ADHD, if I have it, anyway. Wow. He has really nice hair. It looks so soft and silky. I wish I could touch it.

The guy raises his eyebrow.

Huh. He raises his eyebrow almost like he heard me. God, that would be embarrassing if he did. If he heard everything I just thought, I would die. Hopefully he's not like that guy from last week.

The dark eyed man in front of me tilts his head and turns his smirk into a mischievous smile. "You sure do think a lot."

Oh God.

"Okay, uhm, well," I nervously explain and point up the stairs behind me that are right next to the stairs, "I gotta go do some homework—got a test in AP Russian History and AP Calculus tomorrow and I don't want to fail, so uhm…" I stare at his amused face, "…bye." I immediately turn around and start sprinting towards the stairs, but before I reach halfway up, something stops me. My eyes widen, "What the—?"

"It's rude," his voice is a lot closer than it is before, and from the cold air that hits my neck, he's most likely right next to me, "To leave your guest all alone. You're a pretty bad host, if I must say."

These freaks could do this, too?

I gulp. "You're not here for Hayden," I state, remembering the warning a week before. The pressure on my arm forces me to turn around.

"No," he grins widely, exposing long canine teeth or what fangs. His red eyes only add to my horror. "I am not."