Staring at those icy blue eyes makes me shiver, and they look down at me with indifference, stoic as ever. The fact that he hasn't pushed me away like those other girls before have seemed to have caught his father's attention.


No, no, no.

Of all people, why did it have to be me? Actually, let me rephrase that. Of all people, why did it have to be him? He's a human icicle! He has no feelings! I don't care how attractive he is, it's not like he'll love me back!

"Ah, so we've finally found her!" I break the long gaze that I had somehow managed to keep up and turn it towards the older look-a-like. He's grinning widely, and the icy blue eyes that he has are a lot warmer than his son's. His equally euphoric wife walks along with him, and they both halt in front of us, grinning widely. "Well, son, it's finally great to say that we can officially start planning the wedding!"

I want to cry. I don't want this, no matter how happy Ella is, no matter how ecstatic my mother is, no matter how proud my family is, and no matter how in love I am, I don't want this at all. What's the point if it's only going to be one sided?

When I turn around to look at him again, I notice that he hadn't been looking at his parents, but only me this whole time. I avoid his gaze and try to remove my hand from his, but then he just grasps onto my wrist instead, nonverbally telling me that I was not allowed to leave. Is he trying to display emotion? When I look up into his eyes, everything is the same. His expression didn't change.

At all.

I turn my gaze away from him and look down, disappointed. I should have known.

His father doesn't realize this because he was too busy smiling, and my heart beats ever so loudly, and I just wish the Earth would open up and swallow me, because I know perfectly well that his son can hear and feel that my heart has picked up its pace. But his father's still oblivious, especially when he continues talking.

"Congratulations! You two are now officially mates!"