Before I continue let me just say that this night was not only scary, but strange. I had all these reactions to the events that didn't seem to match what I felt. I liked it, all of it. Is that strange? It feels wrong to like it. Never mind, I'll figure it out later. As for the rest of the early morning, it was…tense, to say the least.

I heard someone grunt with effort then the other cried out in pain. The side of the fence vibrated along with a thudded sound, but it was so quick and soon there were thumps on the wood deck. A door slammed. After several more minutes the sounds died down and Gilly took off for the open gate door. I grabbed her arm before she made it through. There was a crash from inside the house and Gilly was searching for something.

"What are doing?" I yelled breathily.

"I'm looking for something to use as defense." She grinned as she pulled out the bright yellow umbrella. She pulled the handle out to its greatest length, slowly like she was preparing for war.

"Oh no you're not!" She pulled out of my reach. "Crap!" is all I could manage as I chased after her.

She looked around for only a second before running into the yard, umbrella raised over her head. I saw two figures inside the house slam into the side table with the glass and there was a small clink sound as it hit the floor and didn't break. Someone hit the floor and the other bolted out the back door, leaped off the porch, and ran right toward us. It feels like slow motion now as I remember it.

The person moved faster than I could react and they dropped their shoulder ready to plow through us. He raised his arm toward the sky, a gun in his hand. He squeezed his hand and a shot rang out that I felt in the inner most parts of my DNA. My ears rang violently. He then aimed the gun at us. Quick thinking Gilly dropped the umbrella and taking my arm instead, we ran. I felt my feet slip in the grass a little, and then scrabble in the gravel bed of the alley, but we were running now and nothing could stop us. I don't think I breathed. We turned the corner and cut through an unfenced yard toward the car. Then we were there. The hurt in my arm forgotten as I used it to throw open the hatch back and we launched ourselves in.

I untangled myself from Gilly and climbed into the driver's seat. I closed my eyes silently praying that it would start, but before I could turn the key Gilly shouted and grabbed my hand.

"No! Don't start it." She pointed through the branches to a man running and then we watched as he dove into a van that was driving by. It never slowed down. I tried turning the key again, but she squeezed my hand gently to stop me.

"We have to go back." She said with certainty in her voice.

I shot back, "Someone must have called the cops by now after that gun shot. What do you think will happen when they find our car hiding in a tree?" I knew it was right to go back, but we also had a right to protect ourselves.

She looked at me defeated and nodded her head. I started the car and as it droned effortlessly I thanked my lucky stars. I pulled out from under the tree, but guilt got the better of me and I was soon turning down the next street over and pulling into a dark drive way. Three other cars were there, all junkers, and I shut of the engine. I sat a minute, and then I felt a vise grip grab my head and a pair lips smacked into my cheek. I wiped at the lipstick I was sure she left there.

"We have to wait. I'm sure the cops will be here any minute." I told her. She agreed, pulled out a radio I hadn't seen her pack. In fact I hadn't seen it ever. I suspected what it was and asked.

"It's John's police scanner. I 'borrowed' it" She had a sly grin on her face and swiftly turned the devise on.

"You stole that? He's a cop, what the hell were you thinking?

"I was thinking that he is a cop in training and that he's a tool. Besides, he won't get in too much trouble for losing it."

I grumbled, but I was shushed as she found the right channel. We saw flashing cars drive by without the siren on, and after a few minutes we heard lots of chatter and code. I didn't understand it all, but the gist of it told us that they didn't find anyone in the home, owner or otherwise and a general search was being conducted. I felt my pulse race again. A search meant that they might be looking in car windows and I really wanted to get out of there. I looked to Gilly and she seemed to be thinking the same thing, so I turned the key. Nothing happed.

"No! You stupid, stupid car!" I tried again then someone fell into a heap from the bush beside our car. I yelped, but Gilly was out the door in seconds. I stared at her open mouthed as I watched her round the car and help him up. It was Conner, but my mind had lost a little sense of reality and I just sat there looking at them. She went to the back of the car and slammed her fist on a window after trying to get me to unlatch it. I jumped but did as she wanted. She pushed him in, then came to my door and quite literally shoved me over so she could drive. One problem, the car still didn't start. She tried and tried and she came to a near boiling point when the lights flickered and a blue hand reached up and rested on her arm.

"Try now." Connor said in a pained voice. I started breathing heavily. It felt like an asthma attack without the asthma. When my vision started to get watery I sucked in a breath and turned around and focused on Gilly. She sat there staring at the blue hand with the biggest eyes I'd ever seen.

"Gilly, are you alright." I asked her. It took a minute for her to look up at me and then she gave me a full toothy grin.

"That is the coolest thing I have ever seen" I frowned at her, but she turned the key again and I pressed myself into my door when I say a flicker of energy move out of his fingers and down her arm. The car started right up. Gilly squealed in delight as we pulled out and headed for home being careful to not drive fast. The night didn't go at all like I thought it would. There was a blue man in the back of the car and Gilly was thrilled about it. At least it didn't rain.