Chapter Two

My family started moving to the Rockies during the first wave of drug-induced zombies in Washington. By the time that we got to our destination and had reasonable facilities weeks had passed. That first week was pretty gruesome and tiring but Dad and J were in their height of glory, out in the woods defending what was ours and hunting for our food. J.D. didn't really know what was going on; all he cared about was no school, and an extended camping trip. Mom…lord almighty she was fit to be tied. She'd mumble under her breath, "I am too old to be doing this. I am too old to be squatting in the woods and sleeping on the ground." Everyone would just ignore her and go on about our business. There wasn't anything any of us could do. Things were the way they were and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. So we just let her complain.
I spent the first few weeks in a daze. I couldn't believe that all we knew was just over. No more Starbucks, no more late night bar hopping with my friends, my life was over right as it was starting.

The day my dad called I just rolled my eyes at him while he explained everything:
"We are coming to get you."
I said, "Dad I have classes, you can't just come and pick me up. I have to request time off and get all my assignments together; you have to give me some time to get things organized. How long do I need to request off?"
He was silent for a moment then said, "Have you been keeping up with the news?"
"Dad what does that have to do with this?"
"MJ, things are getting serious. There have been several outbreaks of people being attacked in mass quantities. Things are only going to get worse. We need to get away from the population, and get hidden before it's too late."
That's when I started the eye rolling, "Are you serious dad? Come on, I think you are over-reacting. Things will calm down, and you will see."
"MJ, this is happening and we are not going to leave you behind. We are coming to get you today and then we are making out way into the mountains tomorrow. If things calm down, as you believe they will, then we will bring everyone back and things will go back to normal but I don't believe they will."
He cut me off and sternly said, "There will be no argument on this! We are coming to get you! Get your hiking boots and some warm clothes together, only bring what is necessary to survive and what you can carry on your back; we will be there within the hour."

Looking back at that day I was so angry with him. How dare he pull me out of classes mid semester and turn everything I had worked on upside down. Today all that seems so stupid and trivial. None of that crap matters anymore. All that matters is protecting each other and making sure that we can survive.

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