White (continued)

I wait with anxiousness, muscles clenched in excitement. For all these years of torture, day after day, now I will finally escape. All I have to do is play this right. One wrong move and I could be here forever, but one right move could set me free for life.

Swish. I tense as the electronic door opens to reveal the two Dforts for today. Here we go. They grab my arms and I go without fighting. I don't feel like getting my head bashed in this white. They steer me to the right and I start to focus on my breathing. Here it comes. As I approach the end of the hallway I drop down as dead weight and swing my legs to knock them both down. I jump up and dash down the corridor. Running as fast my feet would carried me I arrived at the infirmary room. I enter the code, 2364772, and slipped inside. I had 16 seconds before the Dforts opened this door. If I was not out it before then I was screwed.

I moved as fast as I could to the other side of the room and opened the another door. I wasn't going through it but I wanted them to think that. This would give me vital precious seconds to accomplish what was needed. Climbing up on a steel counter I grabbed the vent and jumped in. I had previously loosened the screws so I do this very thing. I disappeared into the vent, replaced the frame and squirmed through it. Here's where it got really important.

Crawling as quietly as possible I get to the end of the shaft and go right. I go 10 ft. Turn left and then right again. Picking the shaft was a really genius move. Those big Dforts can't even fit their wide shoulders in here. As I come to stop I look up then down the shaft in front of me. I carefully move down and fit my feet to the sides. Hands flat against the walls, I move down slowly. Hands down, then feet. Hands down, then feet. This continues for 2 minutes. When I reached the bottom of it I lifted myself into the next shaft. Wandering in I stopped over an air vent. I pulled a thin metal tool out of my hair and reached my hand through. I unscrew two screws with it and the vent door swings open. I dive into the room and look around.

I run out of the room and into the hallway. Dashing to the right and then down the stairs I reach the basement. I reach my freedom.


Sorry for such short chapters but I find it easier to write them! Longer chapters will come! So! What did you think? Too much? Too little? I'm trying to get her out while making it believable. CH. 6-8 (maybe more if I'm feeling my muse) will hopefully be up by Sunday.