The Ones Who Stare.

Whatever you do, the people will stare.
However you act, the people will watch.
However you feel, the people will criticise.

If you act or don't act,
speak or don't speak,
conform or don't conform,
care or don't care.
The people will still stare.

Some people spend their whole lives trying to fit in,
scared to act for fear of people staring or laughing.
Others refuse to speak out because they fear the response.
Yet more don't do what they want because they are worried they will be shunned.

They are cowards.

Some of them could out-fight me;
outrun me;
out-think me;
out-class me.
But none of them could be my equal in guts.

The brave people are willing to say,
"Sod you, I'm living life my way!"
The brave people are the ones who can look down the throat of rejection,
snort and do it anyway.

My way to cope?
I put on a show.
If they're gonna stare, I'll give them something to stare at.
That way, I laugh as well;
they then laugh with me, not at me.

What better way to show them I don't care what they think
than to act for them?

If you see me miss a step, I'm not gonna go red.
I'll just skip across the road, and wave at you instead
If you mock the way I walk,
I'll mince right round the block.

You see, if I make a fool out of myself,
how can you make me fear?
Cause if I don't give a damn,
I clearly don't care what you think.

Take my advice, let them stare.
Heed my words and let them laugh.
But always, always give them something to laugh at.
That way, you will never fear.