Go On!

It was more than five years ago since he passed away and like what I've said to myself until now; I'm all alone again. It would be hard on my part but like he always said, "You have to go and move on. Life does not end in here so; walk until you reach the final destination that you have never regretted in your entire life."

All my life, I withdrew myself from everyone as well as to the society. I don't really know how to mingle nor socialized with others. I just look upon humans as nothing; I don't have any interest in humans at all and I had come to love was animals for they know more far than humans. I used to remember the day that I met him; someone asked him if he like humans and he simply said that he doesn't have any interest in humans after all. I thought all the while at that time that I was not the only one who thinks that way. He seldom says something bad and he speaks with such simplicity; too hard to say what he really is or his demeanor.

He saved me and cared for me but once, he promised that he will never touch me for he might hurt me. I don't care after all, I keep my distance close to him and I've come to respect him as my brother. I don't really know who he is or where he had came from; on his part, he doesn't know my past and seems that he's not willing to learn it for he knows that it won't do anything good. We keep each other alive, depending on each other and living our lives together.

I visit our house where we used to live together once. I was happy that nothing had change inside except that there's presence of dust around and spider webs. When I entered his room, I saw his glasses and because of too much curiosity, I wore it and look at the mirror. I smiled a bit; I used to do it so many times but he never grew mad at me. It's useless even if I took it along with me now. He's forever gone but there are times that whenever I'm in such of mood for brooding, I can't stop thinking about those days that I usually listen to everything he says. I don't care what he says especially bad ones; what I really like about him is his voice, it eases my loneliness and sadness; his voice gave such warmth that melts down the ice that surrounds my heart. He was gone but I know, he's just around, giving his warm embrace whenever I feel cold.

He's gone but it's just like he's always here, still holding my hand and never let it go…