I soaked up your poisonous lies.

Let them grow a hope deep inside of me.

What I didn't know, was that hope had an expiration date.

A date only you would know.

The clock is ticking down now.

Time is expiring fast.

My hope grows stronger, as you pile on more lies.

You are holding the detonator in your hand.

You're just laughing behind your mask of lies.

Just a little longer before it all dies.

You push the button down without a care.

You watch as my hope withers into nothing.

All the lies you fed me still etched inside my head.

The hope may be gone but the words are still there, echoing in my head.

Now where that hope used to lye a great hate is building.

As it grows I try to knock it down.

It seeps through into my thoughts.

I want to get revenge but I push the feeling back down.

Days go by and you finally show your face again.

You come back on your knees, begging for forgiveness.

The hate deflated at that moment.

As it disappeared the hope began to grow again.

I allowed myself to drink up all of your lies all over again.

Little did I know that you planted yet another seed false hope.

It grew and grew against my better judgment.

The time started ticking faster.

My hope slowly started to swell.

The worst is you didn't have a detonator this time.

You just left it.

You stopped watering it and it started to wither.

Finally it died.

This time the hate did not grow in its place.

No matter how much I wished it would.

Now where the hope used to rest is a pit of nothing,

Waiting for someone to come along and plant something new.

But next time I will not let it be you.