Chapter 15- Nagging Feelings


Cyrus's POV:

Restoring my mentor's mansion turned out to be a far more daunting task than I originally thought it would be. But, with the help of everyone, we managed to fix it within a few hours. Our friends were all rather exhausted as we all gathered in Revelin's restored basement. Makith did his best to ease away our sore muscles, though he could do nothing for the lack of energy.

"So, did anyone figure out what exactly those shadow beings were? And what happened to them while I was wrestling with an overgrown eel?" I asked dryly.

"The darnest thing," Alexandra explained. "One minute, we all had our backs to each other, fighting off the hordes...and, the next minute, they just stopped what they were doing."

Prince Duncan nodded. "They merely froze and gaped at us as if we were the ones that had manifested out of nowhere!"

"After some rough communication, we figured out that what you thought were visors were actually scales from that serpent. Aquatic creatures are so meticulous. Give me dragons any day." Verity concluded.

"And did any of you ask what they prefer to be called?" I questioned. I sighed at the silence that greeted me. That mystery was going to haunt me until I came across the 'shadow' beings again.

"Itharos, just what were you doing out in the ocean when 'Vianis' picked you off?" Revelin wondered.

Silver eyes closed shut as Itharos rubbed his temples. "Had I known..." He trailed off. "No. It could have happened to anyone and the situation might have gotten even further out of control." He contemplated out loud. His gaze settled onto Makith's. "I was hit with a strong wave of nostalgia. The color of the ocean in that dimension reminded me greatly of the waters of Makith's oasis. I thought it was finally time to return to my home." He admitted as he took both of the nymph's hands in his own. Everyone looked on as Makith smiled at the Wanderer and nuzzled their noses together.

I had never seen the nymph so happy. In fact, I was rather moved. I didn't remember the last time I cared so much about others...I didn't remember the last time I shared in their joy. I didn't remember the last time I fully put my trust in others, despite the many ways they could have failed me. Before me stood a new family of sorts. They were all amazing individuals that I would be proud to introduce my nephew to one day.

"Well, it's a good thing you're going to tone down that Vim of yours as an Idler," Alexandra huffed as she playfully shoved at Itharos's shoulder. "We wouldn't want some other power-hungry creature to possess you again."

Itharos's laughter was rich and deep. "Agreed. My Vim will be put to work restoring Makith's home to its former glory."

"On that note, we should take our leave, my friends," Makith suggested as he tugged Itharos towards the restored Arch-Passage.

Revelin let out a snort. "Fine. Just don't wear Itharos out too badly, Maki."

The oasis nymph sent everyone a devious wink before the two of them walked right on through.

"My sister will be super relieved when I tell her that you both are finally safe and sound," Prince Damien said as he reached out to half-hug Revelin, giving him a pat on the back. "We'll be seeing you both soon, right?" He asked as he moved on to do the same to me. I couldn't help but give the blonde a smile.

"Of course," Revelin replied easily. He reached out a hand to ruffle Prince Duncan's hair, ignoring the indignant squawk he sent his way. "Though, it sounds as if the four of you have plans of your own. You won't be needing our services much longer."

"Don't think you'll be rid of us that easily," Damien chuckled. "If Dandelion has her way, you'll end up being hired to watch over her children, as well."

"I'd be most honored." Revelin conceded.

Prince Duncan stood before the both of us awkwardly. Though it had been a bit of a surprise for me when I was told of his true title, I thought that it suited him just fine. My eyes widened when the brunette grabbed one of each of our hands and cheekily threaded mine within Revelin's. "Despite what you may have thought of me, I really did like you Sir Cyrus, in my own way." He admitted before turning his green gaze to Revelin. "Give him the best of care. Only the best! If I hear that you-" His rant was cut off as Prince Damien forcefully dragged him through the Arch-Passage.

As soon as they were gone, I tried to pull my hand back, but I felt Revelin's grip tighten as he tugged me back. I refused to look up at him and did my best to force down a blush. Alexandra's laughter drew my attention her way. Her lilac eyes were dancing with mirth.

"Aren't you two just adorable," She cooed. "It's a shame we won't be able to stick around to see the show, right V-girl?"

"Truly." Verity responded.

"Well, we have a lot of girl talk to catch up on anyway. Have fun," She trilled as they, too walked through the passage. Verity tapped her staff along the edge of the symbols, inactivating it as she entered it.

I couldn't help the deep sigh of concern that passed through my lips as I saw my final friend-shields disappear to another dimension. I found myself biting my lower lip and looking anywhere but at my mentor's face. "S-so," I began nervously. "Are you going to give me my hand back?"

"No." Was the firm answer I was given.

The next moment, I nearly lost my balance as he pulled me along out of the basement and into the hallway. I was worried nearly to the point of panic. Would I still be treated with respect after he had his way with me, or was I going to be just another notch on his bedpost? With so many similar questions floating around in my head, I was surprised when we passed right past the door of his room and entered mine instead. "Wh-what, so now I'm not even good enough for you, is that it?" The defensive words were out of my mouth before I even managed to collect my thoughts.

"Stop. Talking." He growled, settling the full weight of his gaze on me. I felt my breath hitch as I was met with the full force of those multi-blue eyes once again. "And listen."

My lips thinned as I fought down the urge to talk back, simply giving him a nod.

"I want to change our contract."

My eyes became wide. What in the world was he talking about? Change it how? And how dare he ask me to keep quiet while he dropped such big bombs one me! My mentor must have read the sheer panic and chaos in my eyes, because he pressed a finger to my lips as if to remind me not to speak.

"Still thinking the worst even as you hope for the best?" He questioned with a slight shake of his head. "There's no need to worry, Cyrus Kairos." There was a moment of silence before he extended his hand. "I, Revelin Eferize, hereby recognize one Cyrus Kairos as a full-fledged Wanderer. Henceforth, he shall be officially referred to as my true equal."

He didn't lean any closer to me that time, once again leaving the decision in my hands. I felt the corner of my lips turn up in a half-smirk. "I, Wanderer Cyrus Kairos, hereby accept the position of partnership to the esteemed Wanderer, Revelin Eferize." I stated as I placed my hand in his and reached up to place a kiss on his lips. When I pulled back, I frowned when I realized that I didn't feel the swirling Vim sensation of a sealed contract. Had I done something wrong?

"This contract isn't sealed with a mere kiss," Revelin whispered as he placed his hands on either side of my face. "I said 'my true equal,' not just simply a 'partner.'" He elaborated as he closed a little more of the distance between us. "Cyrus, I want all of you. I can't settle for half."

I felt a shiver roll down my spine at what the bastard was really offering me. That was quite a leap of faith. Did I have the courage to jump? My hazel eyes peered up into blue. I already knew the answer to that. "Henceforth, he shall be officially referred to as my true equal, as well..." I whispered as our lips met for the second time. I felt the swirls of Vim surrounding us entirely that time. And, this time, the kiss intensified. I had warned him before about trying to tame the beast inside me. But, it was far too late. We were both going to devour him, my caged lust and I. It was as if Revelin had loosened the hinges enough for it to burst free.

My mouth all but devoured Revelin's own. For a good while, I dominated the kiss as I bit and sucked on his lips and tongue. But, the Wanderer began to devour right on back. I felt pleased shivers down the back of my neck as I felt his tongue fighting with mine, eventually forcing its way inside. My body began to subconsciously move against him and the lips were suddenly wrenched away. I frowned at the interruption, but joined in when I realized that clothes were being discarded.

As soon as Revelin sat in the center of my bed, I found myself clambering right onto him to continue where our mouths left off and to grind sinuously against him. I couldn't help the soft laugh that fell from my lips when I heard him groan against my lips. That was when the Vim came into play. My partner definitely had quite the talent when it came to manipulating it. I could feel it do some of the work for him as the particles expanded and formed a thin buffer deep within my core. I squirmed constantly at the sensation, which did nothing to soothe the building friction between us.

"Cy...damn." He hissed into my ear as his teeth nipped at my shoulder.

I felt his tongue swipe at the side of my throat and I snorted softly, moving slightly. I frowned when I realized just how ticklish my skin was there. The breathy chuckle against the skin did nothing to help. "Stop that," I hissed.

"Looks like I already found a sensitive spot." I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

I retaliated by tugging hard on his hair until I heard him hiss. "Behave if you want us to finish this."

"Threatening me?" He snickered as he slid a hand between our bodies to stroke us both. "When you're this hard for me? Admit it, you don't want me to stop."

My cheeks heated up. "Like hell would I ever admit to such a thing out loud."

"Guess I'll just have to draw it out from your body, then." The mirth was still in his voice as he prepared to enter me.

I bit my lower lip to keep quiet as I was slowly breached. "Revelin..." I groaned, wanting him to simply get on with it. But, he was gentle and slow.

"Cosmos, Cyrus," He whispered hoarsely as his hands clenched my butt cheeks.

I bit his shoulder in return until he began to shift and move. When we began to find a soft rhythm, he shifted us further onto the bed and I let out a gasp as he flopped onto his back, leaving me on top. He gave an experimental thrust and I couldn't believe the moan that escaped me when he brushed against something rather pleasant. I began to take over the movements from there, feeling in control as Revelin's face displayed nothing but pure desire.

I leaned back onto my hands as his hands gripped at my thighs and then my hips when we began to move more earnestly. Just as my eyes fluttered closed, I gasped and they flew right back open again when I felt Revelin's hand around me. "Ah!" I cried in pleasure, barely even registering when Revelin began to pull down on my hip with his free hand on every upward thrust.

"Fuck," Was the heady hiss that Revelin gave as my only warning as he fell over the peak.

"Hah...anh!" I whimpered as I saw his chest rise and fall in an attempt to catch his breath. I didn't know if it was the soft, half-lidded smirk of satisfaction he gave me, or if it was the hand that slid its way up my chest to drag fingers along my already sensitive nipple...but, my body decided that it was through, and and I fell over my own peak. I felt a tingling sensation running along my entire body when the final tremble ran through me. "Fuck." I gasped, unintentionally echoing my partner's word of choice upon completion.

That time, I felt his rumbling laughter against my entire body as he carefully sat up to press a surprisingly tender kiss to my temple.


I let out a long sigh as I gazed upon, what I could only describe as, a nightmare. "Was that really necessary, Revelin?" I questioned as I gazed up at the new sign that marred the top of the entrance of his family's mansion.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it will grow on you," Revelin practically purred. "After all," He added with a smirk. "I grew on you, didn't I?"

As my gaze once again lifted to the fancy lettering that formed the acronym 'W.R.E.C.K,' I shook my head in disbelief. 'Wanderers Revelin Eferize and Cyrus Kairos,' indeed. That nagging feeling rose again in the back of my head of the chaos of which that blasted acronym was sure to attract. By then, I was absolutely sure that my "nagging feelings" were almost always justified. But, I sure tended to fight my own instincts with tooth and nail, didn't I?

"If we ever marry, you would be the one wearing the dress, right?"

...and my instincts were screaming at me loud and clear...He's a Bastard.


Quick note: This story has a sequel!