Antel Chronicles

(Life inside the office and on the field)

Shot 1: Cicadas

It was a pleasant day at the office and everyone was having their own daily routine. Everyone was gay and livelier except from one person; that was Ren who always having a very bad temper to someone that really gives her the malicious attempt to kill someone…

"Who wants coffee?" Philip asked.

No one was paying attention to him because he was so different and it gives the disgusting chill effect on everyone on how he acts and the way he speaks. That was a demeanor that he has? That was some kind of stupid trait that he has.

Philip was lively as he was, jerking all around like a moron and act like a moron himself without knowing it. That boy was a dumb to be described. Everyone was making fun of him and he's playing fool around us. What a stupid person!

"I'll go ahead and make some coffee for Xander and me." He said.

Ren just grew so mad at how he acts. It's pissing her off.

"If he keeps acting like that even for one more day, I will never have the doubt to kill that bastard!"

"Just keep your head cool and ignore him." Xander said.

"What the hell? I just can't take the creaking sound of his stupid teeth, playing like a moron around like there's no tomorrow and most of all, he pass orders that were given to him to us especially to me!" Ren barked.

"Grrrr….. I just can't take those creepy acts anymore." Jeff added.

"It's better if he's not around. The more that he's not around for days; I'll be more at peace and keep relaxing here." Ren said.

He prepared some coffee for Xander and to himself. Sipping every inch of coffee in his cup makes Ren even more irritated, and the way he acts like a fool makes her even outrage in madness. She glared at him.

"Oi! Stop those noisy sips that you do in the cup! Its pissing me off and I hate that sound!" Ren scowled.

"Is there something wrong about it?" He asked politely.

"BASTARD! Don't let me get my hands off on you or I'll really kill you in a fit of rage!"

Xander sweat dropped. "To be honest, there's nothing wrong with the creaking sounds, isn't it?"

"I don't think so. I hate it too and it's really gives me the feeling of disgust." Jeff scoffs.

Philip just ignored what she was saying and he keeps on doing what he wants to do. In fact, he will always be what he is and that was really disgusting; too good to be true like living in hell.

"I've never seen you so feisty for some time Ren." Xander smirked.

She gave a heavy sigh. "I always do but I always tried to be moderate." She points at Philip and got irritated. "That bastard always makes me mad and driving me insane with those creaking and creepy manners! It's better to listen to cicadas rather than listening to that idiot! Listening to it for one more days and I will go mad."

"Just a little bit more of patience. Just relax yourself." Xander smirked.

Ren crossed her arms. "I've ran out of patience a long time ago because of too much noise and stupid commotions from that pervert!"

"You can't do anything about him. He would always be himself and we just have to accept that. All that we could do is to understand his condition." Jeff muttered.

"I can still understand that someone will die or in having an illness but in this case? Nah! I'll just put a bullet on my head rather listening to that nonsense that he always says!" she slapped her forehead. "Those sounds bonce back in my mind and I really hate it so much!"

"Don't worry. Just put your headphone on so that you will never be able to hear what he says." Jeff suggested.

"I wish I have one. I'll buy some ear plugs and placed it in my ears whenever he starts to talk." She scoffs.

Philip keeps on talking to himself and it gives them chills to the spines.

"Do you think he's still normal in that case, Jeff?"

"I don't think so."


Rose Ann just came and she saw everyone was in such a manner of irritation and anger.

"Hey? What happened?" She asked.

"JUST DON'T ASK!" Everyone barked.

Rose Ann lifts her hands and shoulders. "Well, Okay."