A Love Poem

I want your eyebrows,

And the pale scraggly hairs in between.

I want your bitten down fingernails,

And your lips.

I want your overbite

(Can overbites be sexy? Yours is.)

I want your moodswings,

And your kindness.

I want you when you don't want to talk about it,

And when you won't shut up about it;

When your silence is thorny,

And when it's just words you don't need to say.

I want you when it's hard to want you,

And when it's easy.

I want to not know why I want you,

And then I want to look at your elbows,

And the freckles on your arms,

And your long fingers,

And the curve in your back,

And want you anyway.

All of you.

Especially your eyebrows.