A/N: I wrote this poem when I was depressed and frustrated...actually, this isn't so much about me, since most of the feelings were inspired from a DBZ fanfiction I read...this poem is the reflection of how I was feeling when I read the fanfiction...I don't remember the name, but I'll put it up as soon as I hunt it down. I'm really proud of this poem, so tell me what you think.

Warning: Intense emotions, graphic gore, not for those who swoon regularly.

The Demon in Me

Hands emerge from deep within

From the inside dig nails into skin

Hold the doors and count to ten

Flesh ripped apart; blood pours out,

I scream and shriek and screech and shout

Blinded by pain cries emerge

The pain—it hurts, it hurts and hurts

And sores and numbs—it hurts so much

The hands grab skin; their flaming clutch

Burning the hide on my face to coal

Turning it as black as my sooted soul

that screams for help, screams for revenge

directs it out, holds it back an inch

The screams subside as one wins out

the demon emerges, tears my face apart

turns to the world, roars at the sky,

walks towards you. All those by

and around you are killed, turned to ash

as this demon demands you to burn and crash

You unleashed this, don't know why?

Can you bear the answer? I won't lie

But you can't stand the demon 'fore you

Shivering and trembling—you're weaker than I knew

Begging for mercy—hah! the demon killed me!

Look at my face—my face! you see?

Ripped into two, cleaved into half,

I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't enough

of you left when I drink your blood—

The demon's me—have you had enough?

No, not me—I grab your face and pierce

my nails into your weak flesh—eyes filled with tears

but you can't even scream, so potent your terror

Reap what you sow, love, and you played with my member—

me, my heart, what does it matter?

Unfortunately, it does as your face I tear

With one last roar I pull apart—you rear

and fall, fall and crash into ash

still alive, feeling the pain of your rash

decisions, your rash thought that you could

mess with me, handle the arrow of wood

that you thrust in, time and again.

Now I return pain for pain.

The deed is done, the pain is gone.

The demon walks to its fallen bones,

Anger dissolved, its rage had been shown.

My body the sheath, it slips in like a knife,

hides itself and awakens my life.

Sutures my face into what it had been

and hides and waits, unheard, unseen.

A/N: If I find the name of the fanfic, I'll put it up. Read and review!