The strike of a match, the smell of tobacco, the burning feeling inside my lungs, and the weight of the world pressing me into the earth. If only the contents of the medicine cabinet could help ease the pain. If only it were that simple. As the smoke fills my lungs, and I get closer to the end, I feel anxious of what's to come. The fire inside is raging and I am succumbing to its power. There's nothing left for me to breathe. So instead, I light the end and then, without thinking, press it into my skin. The aroma of my burning flesh surrounds me and I start to feel numb. Numb from all the agony and suffering. The burns provide the temporary relief that I am still only human. I am still me. Reminding me that I'm alive and have a soul, and someday, my soul will be set free to a world where there is no pain.