A/N: Sup! This is my first poem, inspired by the tamarind trees I drive under while going and coming back from my dance classes...it got published in the newspaper-twice-and it's my shortest poem to date. Read and tell me what you think!


Under the shade of the tamarind tree,

Swirled the leaves 'round you and me.

Your fragrance floated on the breeze,

Sweet and tangy; my heart it seized.

The light played 'tween the branches

and caressed you from hair to haunches,

The wind toyed with your tresses,

raised it did your flowing dresses.

My breath, it stopped at mid-throat,

I ignored my fluttering heart and coat.

Black eyes, they plead "Turn around."

But your lover's lips made not a sound.

Then the wind blew from me to you.

And there you turned, a swirl of blue

My heart thundered, in my throat it hitched.

Blue eyes met black; we made magic.

A/N: It's kinda tame, compared to the few poems that follow it. Criticism give me a sense of direction, praise gives me a sense of warmth and flames cook me my dinner, so, you see, every word that you give is duly noted and appreciated. Check out my other stuff and let me know what you think!