Hey there, reader. There's a perfectly good reason why i interrupted your reading of a cool (meaning weird) story. Read below to find out!

So. I don't think I can update for like a month now, because we have just entered *cue the drum roll* EXAM SEASON. Yayy! (NO) Where i live, exams are huge. Like i have 3 per class for some of them (English i have 4) and this is really big. So i really don't think I can do both, study for them, and update, because i NEED to study for these if i want to have a good grade (Duh). I'm really really really really really really really sorry! Don't worry, i'll still be thinking of the stories, exams won't stop me there!...i just won't be typing them.


But wait, there's more!

There's this thing called CAS hours for my school-Creative, Action, and Service hours that we need to complete (50 for 9+10 grade 150 for 11+12 grade) and turns out writing counts as creative! Boo ya. Why didn't i think of this before? I have no idea. So, i'll be starting a new story soon for this. It will be called Fearless, and a crappy description is on my profile.

(i hope these kind of author's notes aren't against the rules!)

May the odds be ever in your favour/Yours in Demigodishness and all that/Always,

Dauntless Gryffinjay!