One night, a reporter came to Alex Rodriguez and said, "Alex, now that you finally got that monkey off your back, especially with the way the year have started with the relevation in regards to steroids, how does it feel to have finally been part of a World Series winning team?"

Alex smiles and said, "It's been great, in fact I couldn't think up a word to describe it...I can't wait to get that ring but right now I got to bask in the glow of victory,"

"After proving the doubters wrong, what are you going to say to them?" the reporter asked.

The Yankees third baseman chuckled and said, "I would say this, 'You think I couldn't do it? How do you like me now?', something like that."

"What do you think will happen in the future?"

"There are few things for certain, I will have several more healthy years ahead me and more importantly, my association with a steroid dealer won't come back to haunt me in the future, I mean...what are the odds of that?"

Oh A-Rod, if only...if only...

Meanwhile in Miami, Florida, a morbidly obese gorilla was strapped to a harness before being hooked to a crane in order for it to be removed from the sidewalk. A bunch of reporters, police officers, and construction workers looks on as one of them picks up his walkie talkie and said, "Okay Pooz, it's ready!"

The crane slowly lift the gorilla off the sidewalk, revealing a squashed human remains plastered to the ground as the smell indicates that it have been here for a while...the gorilla feces certainly doesn't either. One of the reporters sighed and said, "Poor man, even after his retirement, he still couldn't get that monkey off his back...what a shame, a massive shame indeed, really sucks to be him."

One of the police officer walks to the chief and said, "What now?"

"Well, once the gorilla is safely moved to the cage, we'll begin scraping off Dan Marino's remains!"