Full Summary: Adella "Ella" Porter had the perfect boyfriend. Royce Meyers was sweet, caring, and everything that girls dream about. No one could believe that she had scored such a catch ever since her parents' divorce had really affected her ideal of love. So when Royce breaks up with Ella for a new job in a whole new state, she waits to tell her family. There was no harm in not telling right away for they had their lives and Ella had hers. Holidays come and go and there was never a right time to tell her family for they would always ask how she kept such a perfect man around and when she, in fact, hadn't That led her to conceal the truth for about a year. Now, her sister is getting married and her family expects to see Ella and Royce still happily in love with one another. To Ella, there is only one logical solution: come clean and tell the truth. The only problem is that it would take away from her sister's big day and the whole vacation would become a complicated mess. Ella's friend, Lacey, decides to look up Royce and finds that he's moved back to town. Now there's a new idea, convince Royce to play her boyfriend for two weeks on an all-expense paid vacation. How can he say no? How can old feelings not resurface? How many problems can arise before the wedding or worse, during?

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I had to remove all of my stories because of plagiarism. It was getting to be too much for me and people were just simply copying and pasting my story to claim as their own. One person even made money off of it, so it's time for these stories to come down. I will still upload on Wattpad (where you cannot just copy and paste). I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I just can't take any more of it.