Had this idea from a speech I had to do on why we need space exploration and one of the reasons was future space colonization. Of course space colonization (humans living on the moon or Mars or something like that) is super far away. I was thinking it would make a cool story. Weird though, after we are LONG gone humans could be off this planet and on another. Huh...


In the year 2255 humans across the world found out what, at the time, seemed like devastating news. Their time on Earth was coming to an end. However, they did have time. Forty years to be exact. They may have overshot the landing a little. That isn't the point though. The point is by the year 2295, they were ready to go, and all humans willing to leave the planet were gone. This is considered as the Solstice, a time where all humans joined together in the world all and all and found a way to leave the planet Earth only leaving behind the people who refused to go.

Soon after the people on the spacecrafts leaving Earth started choosing leaders. Eventually these people couldn't get along among who wanted to lead them so they split into different factions.

There was one problem though, everyone was wrong. That's why the Earth is still here, but the smartest humans on Earth are on distant planets. A lot of people went to Earth's Moon, and they had a very aggressive attitude. This led to the invasion of Earth, effectively wiping out more than sixty-two million people. The people who lived were taken prisoner and shipped back to the Moon.

By the way, this is where it all went to hell.

They then went so far as to command where the spacecrafts go, even to places that aren't excellent for human colonization.

Right now, it is the year 2336 and society and interaction between planets is going pretty smooth. Humans have learned to use the seemingly inhospitable environment to their advantage. Luckily, I was born into what the normal people called second-earth. Mars.

I was told I had nothing to worry about, I'm eighteen with a good career in the strategies of war ahead of me. Not to mention I look good, so I'm told. Tons of guys would love to have me. Me, Daisy Wilk, is having an excellent time at life.

Remember when I said society split into different factions? They are making things bad. So far, things aren't so perfect. Now, things aren't so great. Why?

We are going to war.

Hopefully this gives you some sort of realization to where I'm going. I'll post chapter one at the same time that I do this. Bye.