Just when I thought this day couldn't get any worse, it did. I still hadn't decided whether or not I would post Tristan's message on my page. The thing was that I couldn't ignore it and not post it. I just couldn't. I had never done such thing before, and people would probably get suspicious when they would see me trying to talk to him. So I was screwed. I had to post it online. And he had probably seen that I had acknowledged the message but hadn't done anything about it yet. I had to do something, and quickly. I could just tell him that I wanted to keep everyone's identity a secret, so I would only write Sofia's initials.

I think I stared at the message for the entire class. I didn't listen or hear a single thing. How come she always won? How come I never won against her?

Just let it go, I thought. It's not like you own Tristan, anyway. He doesn't even know that you exist. Let him go. Let it go. It seemed easy to just let it go, but I was sick of letting go of things I could have wanted. I sighed. I wouldn't win, anyway, now, would I? She had already won over me once. She could easily do it again.

I looked at her and at the boy sitting next to her, and I still felt the pain in my heart. I saw the way he was looking at her. That's how he used to look at me. I forced my head to turn away from that scene, and my eyes set upon Xavier. He was staring at me, and he smiled at me―oh, a sad one.

The bell rang, and I still hadn't made up my mind. A friend of mine, Naomi came next to me. "What's up with you, Kelly?"

I got up and started headed to the next class, and she followed me. Naomi was maybe the only person who still acknowledged my presence when Sofia was around. "I'm okay," I told her, thinking, Because that's what you want to know, is it? "And how are you?"

She smiled. "Good. You're coming to the training at lunch?"

I nodded. "Yeah, sure. I'll be there."

She smiled at me before turning away, looking for someone else. I didn't even bother to sigh. It didn't matter. I sat down in class, pulled out my phone, and decided to do something about the goddamn message right away. I would post it, without mentioning her initials. Screw Tristan. I wouldn't tell him anything about my decisions. He would notice on his own that I hadn't said Sofia's name. If he wanted her to know so badly, why didn't he just tell her? It would have been so easier, and I didn't quite understand why he didn't do it. The Facebook page's main goal was to stay anonymous. Maybe he just wanted Sofia to know that someone admired her enough to date her, but it wasn't like she didn't know that. She was perfectly aware of that fact. Actually, she didn't need anyone else. She was supposed to have someone, but if you knew Sofia enough, you'd understand that she was always hunting.

The minute I tapped the "Post" button, I bit my lips, wondering if I had made the right decision. I didn't even understand why it should matter this much, but it did. I saw Sofia's phone in her hand as she went through the message that I had just posted. I couldn't observe her facial expression any longer because she turned away from me to show the message to a friend of hers―who used to be my best friend, my childhood friend, my oldest friend. They both start giggling, and something inside of me just broke.

"What did Sofia do to you?" Xavier asked.

I startled. I had forgotten that he was beside me in English class.

"Nothing," I lied but even he could tell that I wasn't telling the truth.

He just gave me a look. "Lie to me all you want," he said. "It's because of him, isn't it?" I looked away from Xavier, and I turned my head, seeing him. His name was Ramsey. I thought we had something going on, but turned out that we didn't. Or we did and Sofia ruined it. Or I did on my own. I didn't know, and I really didn't feel like talking about it any longer. Ramsey was my past, but I wished he wasn't. He could have been my present and my future, but someone else decided otherwise for the both of us. He didn't seem too upset about it, though. "You still love him?"

I shook my head no. "No, I don't." I knew that it was a lie, but maybe if I said it enough and aloud, I would start believe it myself.

"Good," he said. I didn't know if he had seen right through my lie or if he hadn't, but he seemed to approve the fact that I was moving on.

Lunch time came, and I slowly walked to the table where I sat down every day with friends I had known since Day One.

"Hi, Emma," I said. "How are you?"

She smiled at me like nothing had ever been wrong. She didn't answer, turned to another friend, and started talking. I didn't mind Emma's attitude. She knew I'd be there when she would need me, and I knew she'd be there if I needed her.

We didn't get much time to eat in peace because Sofia stopped by our table. She had this big smile on her lips. It seemed like she shone from the inside. "Did you see it?" she was talking to Emma because they kind of became friends, too.

"See what?" Emma asked.

"The post on Spotted!" Sofia answered right away with excitement in her voice.

"Which post?" I asked.

She barely looked at me but answered anyway. "Tristan's."

"How do you know it's Tristan's?" I snapped. She figured it out really fast. I didn't know what had happened between them. I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to know, but I needed to.

"He told me," she replied like it was the most obvious thing ever. "That lame Facebook page owner didn't put my name when he had. He showed me the message." I didn't say back anything because it hurt. I better stayed quiet because I would probably beat the crap out of her. Well, I wouldn't, but sometimes I really wanted to. "He asked me out," she kept going.

I think she talked about it for the next five minutes before I suddenly got up and left. No one tried to hold me back, and I just walked until a corner, and I slid my back against the wall until I was seated on the floor, my knees against my chest and my arms wrapped around them. So he had asked her out. He had told her that he was into her. And knowing her, she would probably get tired of him after a month. And maybe then, he would see me and maybe like me. Stop dreaming, I told myself.

I was about to get up when my oldest friend came by. We weren't as close because she hanged out non-stop with Sofia, but we still had a blast when she wasn't around. "Hey, Kelly," she said. She stayed up while I looked at her. "What's up?"

I shrugged. "Not much. What about you?"

She gave me a little smile. "Look, I spoke to Ramsey. All you have to do is talk to him. He just wants you to do the first steps. He says he's always doing them, and that it's your turn if you really care."

"How dare he say that?" I whispered. "Of course, I care." I got up and shot a desperate look at my friend. "I just … I don't know what to tell him. I have nothing to tell him."

She shook her head and sighed. "Don't make him wait too long or else he's going to go somewhere else."

She was about to walk away when I called her name. She turned around. "He's already moved on," I told her. "I can see it."

"Kels, if he really had moved on, he wouldn't have asked me about you. It's not too late. It's never too late." With that, she turned around and walked away, vanishing.

But she was wrong. Sometimes, it was too late, and I think that it was too late for Ramsey and I.

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