Hello, dear readers.

I'm sorry to say that 'Take My Pride' is not yet available for purchase. I know I said a couple weeks and it's been almost a year, but the fact is, whenever I so much as think about editing it, my anxiety flares up and I'm unable to edit it efficiently/get work done well in my real pay-the-bills job.

That said, I have no idea when (or at this point if) 'Take My Pride' will be available for purchase.

Beyond that, I am done with FictionPress. If I'm being honest, while TMP is the cause of most of my anxiety, whenever I think about this site itself there is a smaller amount that pops up. I have no explanation for it. So I have deleted all my stories on this site, except for this one. This one will remain up for a week, give or take, and then it too will be deleted.

Once again, my apologies, and thank you for all your support.