Heya folks! first story here. Kinda creepy. the basic plot is this bot Matias gets lost in a creepy forest while looking for his baby sister. Slenderman has her, and Matias is so scared he runs. He meets the daughter of slenderman (WTF, right?) and a slightly possibly horrifying creepy relationship emerges. Slendy's a cephalopod in this story, go google it.

Matias wandered through the mossy, wet forest with tongues of mist curling through it. It was a very eerie place- one he would have never come to in the first place.

He was here for a difficult reason. One, he was looking for his baby sister, Angeline, who had crawled off away from the camping site, and two, because he had seen two tall, dark-looking figures kept aloft in the air by what seemed to be long, black, bonelike appendages that stuck out at odd angles and bent in even weirder ones from their backs. He couldn't see much, but one of them was smaller. He had no idea what they were, but he wasn't really sure he wanted to find out.

Matias looked around. He had no idea where the camp was, he seemed to have totally lost himself in the temperate forest. Suddenly, chills went up and down his back as he surveyed the ground. Something wasn't right. There were tracks of bobcat, wolf, coyote, cougar, porcupine, squirrel, and many other forest animals along the game trail he had shifted to, but suddenly they all scampered off. Then, only strange prints that seemed to be three small points of impact on the ground, hundreds of them, and they were far apart. Matias wondered if this was what he had seen earlier.

"Angeline?" He called out into the misty haze. Matias spun around when he heard rustling in the underbrush about thirty yards off. He caught a flash of pink, and then it vanished. He heard a soft gurgle. Matias sighed with relief, he had found her. Beginning to run, he soon made it about halfway to where he saw her. "Hey, Angie? Where are you?"

Then he began to feel soft tendrils of... nothingness, he supposed, curving around his face and raising goosebumps on his paleish skin. He slowly turned his head up with a sickening feeling that he wouldn't like the sight he saw.

There was one of the figures he had seen. It was indeed tall, and appeared to be clad in black clothing. It had a pale white face with only minor indentations, and was balanced on those spider like limbs.

He- It, whatever Matias was looking at, was holding his baby sister. She had a serene image of happiness on her face, but the sixteen year old boy only sensed coldness, malice, and a predatory urge coming from this unearthly creature.

It made a noise of bones cracking and trees falling, piercing the nerves in Matias's ears. Clamping his ears over them and squeezing his eyes shut, he crouched in a fetal position. When he opened his eyes, the creature- and his sister, had both vanished.

Matias as paralyzed with fear. That thing was creepy. He had no idea what the thing that had stolen his sister was, but now he was absolutely sure he didn't t to find out.