It was time…time to fight one last time. Granox checked his equipment as he strode through the arena's corridors. The falchion at his hip was well oiled. The shield on his arm was securely strapped. The straps holding his armour on were tightened. The claymore on his back was angled to make unsheathing easier. He was ready to face the toughest opponent he had ever met - his brother.

He heard the crowd roaring before he saw them. Chants of 'Granox' coming from one half and 'Slyros' from the other. A bout of paralysing nerves stabbed Granox's heart. He swallowed hard, stepping out into the courtyard where he was faced with his enemy. The man had a strong jaw and a handsome face - heroic and powerful…identical to his own, but for a few scars and a missing eye. Slyros was of a slighter build and wore light, tight leather armour. Granox favoured heavy steel plates, however. Despite these differences, they were unmistakably identical twins. The two men reached the centre of the courtyard at the same moment.

Both bowed respectfully. Tears filled three blue eyes, full of love and apologies. They stood back, hearing the one-minute countdown for movement begin. Slyros disappeared; knowing his strength was in stealth. Granox stood his ground in the courtyard - acknowledging his best chance of victory lay in forcing his brother into the open.

Slyros darted through the narrow corridors and small rooms, feeling the daggers Granox had bought him digging into his flanks. He was bombarded with memories of Granox. A childhood spent slithering around behind market stalls while Granox distracted the tenders before fleeing with the spoils of their efforts. An adolescence spent sparring with Granox, training to become adventurers. Granox building up muscles and strength, whilst Slyros honed his body for agility and sneaking. They envisioned that they were destined to become the most famous adventurers in the history of the world…not fighting to the death in an arena.

Granox stood alone in the middle of the courtyard, lost in memories. Slyros had always been the brains of their partnership, Granox supplying the muscle. He recalled their first day in the

arena, he had protected his slimmer brother, being blinded by the mace before killing the man who dared to attack Slyros. Strange that he was trying to kill Slyros now. Neither brother could believe that they had to sever the greatest bond they had ever had. But both knew they had no choice. And somewhere inside, neither could think of a better way to go.

Slyros leapt from a low roof and lashed out at Granox with his boot knives. Granox managed to dodge the attack, bashing his shield into Slyros' face, bloodying it. Slyros calmly jumped

back to the attack, catching Granox's falchion between his boots, disarming him. Granox threw his shield hitting his brother in the gut. Slyros raked Granox's face with his daggers before the claymore was drawn.

Daggers met claymore with a crash…This was to be decided now.

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