Francis tucked her last few toiletries into a compact suit case and felt her way to the zipper, promptly closing it. She reached out confidently for her cane, and with suit case in tow, tapped her way out the door.

Walking through the airport, she was unable to see the strange looks that were sent her way. She had no doubt they were there though, the young girl could almost feel them. However, they simply bounced off of her straight back and high chin. Whispers circled around her head and tickled her ears, but that only made her smile. She navigated through the airport just as easily as the crowds of people around her. Francis boarded her plane and patiently awaited her departure.

After a short span in the air, the plane bounced onto a long stretch of pavement. Francis waited to be the last passenger to exit, then felt her way down the aisle, descending the steps to the tarmac using her cane. When the fresh tropical breeze wafted into her nose, her mind created a world of foreign shapes and exotic colors. Her eyes had never taken in the world around her, and that had given her the opportunity to create her own. Francis couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it, and wondered if she was truly the one who was blind, or were the blind ones the others who only saw what their eyes could show them.

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