Short Story

Today was going to be different, I told myself, willing myself to be right. I took my seat in the lecture room and opened my book. As the lecture went on, everything seemed normal. I took notes and sat there quietly. Suddenly I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I decided to ignore him, no good in looking at him. The lesson continued and I made myself not look at him. As the lecture ended and everyone got up to leave, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"You can't just ignore me." The voice said. I didn't listen and packed all my stuff away, then swung my bag over my shoulder. I began to walk away but then the guy took my hand and twirled me around to face him. His tall dark figure always made me week at the knees, his lips, his eyes, urgh!

"Sophie, don't do this please." As he spoke my name it made a tear fall from my eye. I remembered all the times he called my name, spoke it softly and sweetly. I couldn't stand it anymore, as I jumped up and hugged him. He took me into his arms and squeezed me tight. I didn't hold back on my tears, even a few of my friends in the lecture room came over to see if I was alright.

"She'll be okay." He told them, stroking my head slowly. I willed myself to stop crying and eventually did. I cleaned myself up and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes.

"I'm sorry." I told him, then looking away from him. He grabbed my chin with his fingers and pulled my face up.

"Just tell me why you said no." He said, sadness clear in his eyes.

"I'm not sure, maybe it's because we are in uni still, not much money to survive." His eyes then forgot the sadness and turned to gentleness and kindness.

"Honey just forget we are in uni, we can survive, I mean we both have part time jobs, we can get our families to pitch in too." I looked up to him, he looked so happy and ecstatic.

"Really? We can do this?" I asked him slowly. He smiled cheekily.

"Of course Soph." His sweet lips looked so delicious so I leaned up and kissed him hard. As we heard a slight cough behind us, we turned to see our lecturer, head teacher, deputy head and a few other lecturers of ours. We began to blush, our cheeks turning bright red.

"ASK HER ALREADY!" They all shouted in unison. As I turned around I found Kyle down on one knee, holding the same little blue box as yesterday. Tears again, welling in my eyes but a smile to my lips.

"Sophie Rosa Tristan, will you be my bride?" He asked. As I looked around, other students had gathered along the railings and by the doors, smiles and grins on their faces.

"YES!" I shouted and we jumped into a hug. Everyone exploded into clapping and cheering. Then we were surrounded by our group of friends, they were hugging and congratulating us. I couldn't stop the smile on my face, which just kept getting brighter. The ring was amazing, even though I saw it yesterday it still amazed me, the beautiful gold band with the giant diamond in the middle.

The rest of the day we weren't separated, every lecture we sat next to each other, linking fingers sometimes. This was the beginning of my new life.