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After about 45 minutes of endless crying and cleaning, I decided I should at least get out of the stall. I walked out of the black stall, my crutches squeaking on the wet floor, to a scratched up mirror. I stared at my reflection in silence and prayed to every god that no one would come in. I didn't care that my eyes looked bloodshot and puffy. I didn't care how my top had multi-colored stains on it. I didn't care that my dark hair had a grayish appearance, or that it looked greasy for that matter. I didn't care how many times Prudence called, texted, and emailed me telling me she was sorry or asking if I was "Okay?" Because, I wasn't.

I wasn't okay.

Standing there, looking at my reflection, I saw what everyone else saw: A washed out handicapped girl, who looked anything but normal. (In a bad way)

I saw me.

I leaned my boney elbows on the cool sink surface and closed my eyes, feeling another stray tear slide down my left cheek. I was alone for the moment. The bell had long since rung and I was missing chemistry. Prudence was in her AP Bio class freaking out about me too much, to pay attention to the life cycle of fruit flies. And Derek…I don't know. He's probably laughing about the incident, with his toned arm around Jasmine, his blonde hair perfect, in a messy way. His hair said, "I don't care. " Well, his hair and me had something in common. I didn't care either. I inhaled sharply, turned on the faucet, and splashed my face with cold tap water. I needed to stop torturing myself with those thoughts.

"But Claire Bear!"

Why was he in my head? He…he laughed at my pain and didn't deny what Jasmine said. We weren't friends and never will be. Then, I lost it again, my shoulders shaking and I felt like I couldn't breathe. When you cry so hard, your whole back moves and you make the ugliest face, you possibly can. I cried for Prudence, because it wasn't her fault, that her love life was going well. I cried because of Jasmine, because it was still amazing to think someone could be that cruel. Most importantly, I cried for Derek, because for a moment….one single moment, I thought we were friends. I thought…I thought he liked me. But as usual,

I thought wrong


Staring at the shiny door handle that led into my chemistry class, mocked me. It told of a bright future full of education and a happy ending. I closed my now raw eyes and walked into the very smelly room. It reeked of chemicals that I was supposed to know the properties of, but didn't. I handed Mrs. Metcalfe a fake pass that I wrote in the bathroom with a pen that I found on the ground. She accepted it, shooed me to my seat, and handed me the worksheet that I had missed. Great; more homework for tonight. I walked quietly to the only open seat in the back, thankful that neither Prudence, Jasmine, nor Derek was in this class. It wasn't like I was mad at Prudes, I was just hurt and I needed to be alone. Mrs. Metcalfe must've guessed I was having a bad day, because she didn't question me when I put my earphones in and let her words drown out with the rest of the world. Music would help for a bit, until I had to face everybody. Even though, I wanted to crawl into a deep, dark hole and die, I knew I couldn't. I put my head on my wooden desk- funny since they're flammable-, silently thanked Mrs. Metcalfe, and closed my eyes. I was slowly drifting off into dream world, when a sickeningly thought came to me like a wreaking ball. (Not the Miley Cyrus version.)

The Project.

I had a literature project with Derek as a partner. That basically forced me to spend time with him. Before, I was just annoyed, but now, I didn't know what to do. How could I face him? Even thinking of his tan skin, broad muscular arms, beautiful blue eyes, and his signature smirk that made most girls hand over their virginity in a second, made me swallow the upcoming butterflies.

Most. Remember, I said most girls.

He hurt me…so I was going to hurt him. No more fun, nice Clary. No more Claire-Bear. Derek Freaking Chance was going to pay. And I was going to be the tax collector…okay that sounded much cooler in my head.

One thing I found out today: We weren't friends.

The bell rang, and I took out my earphones and paused the current song that was playing. I couldn't place the title, but I know it was by Imagine Dragons. Quickly, I gathered my supplies and walked out of the class, keeping my head down as usual. As if I hadn't learned from lunch. Mrs. Metcalfe had wished her a good day and she half- heartedly waved to the just-married woman. I always wondered what she did in her spare time. Did she have kids of her own, that she wanted to shield from the harsh reality, we called high school? I thought of my blonde teacher quietly, when I bumped into something. I really needed to pay more attention to where I was going, or one day, I'd get myself killed. And that was something I was so not looking forward too.

I looked up into the most gorgeous sparking brown eyes, in the history of the universe. They remained me of the brownie batter, which my mother let me lick off the spoon when I was little. I loved brownie batter. I moved my gaze up to the boy, who was staring down at me kindly, and I blushed.

"Oh sorry there….er", He said in an awkward deep voice. Of course he didn't know my name, I was just Claire.

"Claire?", I said and tucked a piece of my hair behind my pale ear. "I'm Claire." Great, that sounded confident. I always get flustered around boys. Stupid hormones.

"Hey Claire, I'm Eric.", I blinked. Eric was on the school's lacrosse team and Derek's worst enemy. I nodded and noticed how his chocolate-colored hair curled perfectly on his head. Boy, if only I could run my hands through that- what? I couldn't help myself. He was pretty damn cute. He looked at me then said, "Oh…ah…here." He reached up and picked a piece of freaking tuna out of my hair. I rocked on my heels at this awkward conversation and visibly blushed out of embarrassment.

"Oh thanks, Eric.", I said now totally embarrassed. Why do these things always happen to me?!

"No prob. Hey Claire, there's a party tomorrow night at Jackie's place. You should totally go." I had a mental heart attack. A HOT BOY INVITED ME TO A PARTY! Yay!

I blushed, and then tried to act nonchalant, despite the five-year-old birthday party going on in my head, complete with a jumper, a princess, and a huge piñata. "Sure, I'll check it out if I have some time. Can my friend come along?" There was no way I was going to a party without Prudence. She would bury me alive. I already forgot about being mad at her, I mean, she was my best friend. What would I do without her? There was this one time in middle school, I got my period and it bled through my cute white skirt. Prudence switched bottoms with me, so I was wearing her black jeans and she walked around with my skirt, so I wasn't embarrassed. Plus, WE WERE GOING TO A PARTY!

"Yeah, Prudence can come; it'd make Collin a happy camper." How could I forget that Eric and Collin were the equivalent to Prudence, and me, besides the periods and guy drama. I grinned and gave him a knowing nod. Everyone basically "shipped" Prudence and Collin. What would be their couple name? Hmm…. "Well, I'll catch you later, here's my number." He handed me a lined paper with his digits written on it in a neat blue script. He had pre-made phone number slips! Eric gave me a wave and walked down the hall, meeting up with one of his friends. I looked down at the piece of paper, looked around, and jumped up and down (Well, as much as I could 'jump' with my crutches). I basically had a fangirl experience. I bit my lip, smiled, and walked to the exit doors to tell a certain redhead about a particular party. Totally no big…psh.

I went down the brick steps carefully and noticed Prudence leaning against her truck. Once she caught my gaze, she started panicking. She rushed towards me and said in her high-pitched voice, "I'm so uber sorry, Clary. I should have been there! I'm a terrible best friend. Please don't leave me!" She grabbed ahold of my shoulders and shook them. "Is there anything I can do?! I'll shove my black boots up Jasmine's-"

"Yes." I said simply, interrupting her threat. She looked taken back, as if she didn't expect me to answer. Like I was NEVER going to talk to her again.

"Well spit it out, Claire!", Prudence said impatiently, which was not surprising at all. Prudence was always going to be Prudence.

"You and me are going to Jackie's party." I said, feeling cool and popular for once. I was still in shock. A PARTY!

Prudence squealed and hugged me too tightly. For a tiny person, Prudence had the strength of a Navy Seal. After a moment, she pulled away. "Um…who's Jackie?"

Exactly, I thought.


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