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Prudence and I got ready at my house the day of the party. My mom was at her "Moms Only!" book club with three explanation points, to make an all moms' book club appear cool. Boy was I jealous. Not. My dad was still at work, and had to work late tonight, which meant Tammie was having leftover lasagna, unlike me. I was eating whatever was at the party, be it pizza, sushi, or chicken fingers. Speaking of my "darling" sister, she was upstairs in her room studying for her exam next Tuesday. All the while, I was getting ready for a party! A party with….boys….and drinks! For once, I was the Cool Sister! The popular one! I never thought I'd see the day. I can only pray to whoever will listen, that I don't totally embarrass myself. That would be exactly what I need! Not. I feel overly sarcastic tonight. Wonder why…?

Prudence was looking through my closet, shaking her head in disappointment. I didn't understand how her tiny ankles didn't snap in her neon pink high heels. They make my feet just looking at them. Ow. "You poor deprived child…Claire! Is this another polo shirt?!" She asked, taking out my uber cute red polo. Prudence threw it on the cat-vomit carpet, and petted her hand as if the shirt had burned her. It's not like my clothing was a disgusting dog that just drooled all over her precious pink heels. I really didn't like heels.

"Hey!" I said, picking up the shirt and bringing it to my chest. I had enough clothes on the floor as it. My room isn't exactly what my mother would call, sparkly clean.

She turned around and placed a skinny hand on her non-existent hip, "Clary really? You can't wear a freaking polo to a party! Everyone knows that!"

"Why not?" I said, crossing my arms defensively. I obviously was not 'everyone'. Plus, no one messes with my polo's. They were my babies.

Prudence ignored by question and turned back to my small closet, "It's a good thing your sister has smexy clothes." She said smirking, proud of her non-existent word. She had a habit of making up words. 'Smexy' was one of those words. She rolled her eyes, guessing what I was thinking. She grabbed my hand on dragged me into Tammie's room across the hall. I snorted in a way that wasn't so..um…smexy.

Tammie was lying on her green bed, blonde hair fanned out around her head. She was flipping through what looked like her AP Human Geography textbook. I never understood why she took that course. Everyone knew Mr. Wise was insane. My sister highlighted something on her notes, "Germanic Branch", it looked like. Without looking up at us, she said, "What do you want? I'm busy. Whatever it is, no."

I grinned and looked at Prudence's irritated face. My sister was just a ray of sunshine. Prudence walked up to Tammie's much more organized closet, opened the black doors, and filed through her clothes. "Tammie, can your sister borrow a dress? Her current clothing is the reason it rains everyday in Maine."

Rude, I thought. I was about to tell my friend that too, when my sister's laughter rang out. "You're never going to get Claire in a dress. She hates them. I think she's allergic, actually." I shrugged at Prudence. Everything Tammie said was true. I didn't wear dresses. Period. Never have, never will.

"Oh, she's wearing a dress." Prudence's eyes narrowed as she pulled one off the hanger. That's when I ran.


"Oh quit whining Clary, you look smexy." My best friend was saying as she drove us towards Jackie's house. I grumbled, because she managed to get one of Tammie's dresses on me. It was a navy blue color, and it went just above my knees. If you asked me, it was a little too tight for my liking. Prudence said it fit in all the places that matter. I don't even want to imagine what that meant.

I paired it with my old, worn, black jacket, despite Prudence's protests. We live in Maine, so it was freezing at night. I personally did not want to freeze my ass off, excuse me for thinking so. "Though, I wish you could have worn some saucy heels." All I can say is, thank god for my broken foot. My foot was recovering rather quickly, and I called my doctor up to see if I could wear that boot/cast thing you see people wear. He said it was fine. The final look for me was a black jacket, over a navy dress, and one purplish sneaker on my unbroken foot. That's about as 'me' as Prudence allowed. Oh, and my hair was curled. Prudence's outfit was definitely bolder, than I could of ever pulled off. She put on black high-waisted shorts, which showed off her toned, white thighs. For her shirt choice, she chose a bright pink shirt, which has the saying "I like boys" on it in big bubble letters. Prudence, of course, was wearing her neon heels again. I had on no makeup (Prudence tried to put some on me, but I bit her hand) while Prudence had a perfect, polished face. We were total opposites, but I guess that works out.

"So how did you even find Jackie's address anyways?" I said, brushing the hair out of my face and looking out the window. The street lamps were just turning on, casting a yellow hue on the street around us. Beautiful, yet in a way, creepy. I looked out at all the night joggers, laughing in my head, about how they had much more motivation than me. Clearly. Usually at this time, I'd usually be reading, sleeping, doing homework, or on Tumblr ignoring homework.

"- Who texted Stephanie, who emailed Henry, who heard from Olivia, who talked to Haley, who texted Eric, who asked Jackie." Prudence's way of finding out the address interrupted my lazy thoughts. Well, half of the way, I guess. A slight blush appeared on my cheeks, when the name Eric was mentioned. Eric. We talked a bit more after that day we met. He was really cool! His grandmother owned a beach house in California, his dad is the CEO of some company (I didn't pay attention, too busy staring at his perfect white teeth), and he volunteers at the Pet hospital on Sunday nights. Knowing this information doesn't make me sound like a stalker, right? I mean, Eric himself told me. Oh Eric. His hair had the perfect shine not too greasy and not too dull. It was perfect- Eric was perfect. Eric was Eric.

I snapped back to reality when my head was smacked two times. "Ow…What?!" I yelped, glancing at Prudence.

She looked at me, took her hand back, and looked back to the road. "We're almost there, according to GPS. Are you ready to get our party on? Quit your daydreaming girly."

"It's not daydreaming if it's nighttime, Prude." I put a stupid smirk on my face as she rolled her eyes, her mascara making her eyelashes visible. "I don't know. I'm not much of a dancer…or a talker. I really don't like people, and I'm nervous. Oh! Remember not to drink anything someone hands you. I packed some fruit punch, in out water bottles in your purse." Okay, so I was nervous. Well, maybe a bit more than nervous. I just wanted to make sure this night was fun, and that Prudence and I didn't run into trouble. That's not so bad right? Best friends looking out for best friends?

Prudence laughed and shook her head, her coppery hair bouncing. "Of course you did. Don't worry about the dancing. Everyone will either be on top of each other, or just swaying back and forth. You'll fit right in." Easy for Prudence to say. She was an amazing dancer! I was basically every stereotype for a white girl dancing. Let's just say I couldn't. "Heh, I packed some pepper spray in your purse. My dad gave it to me after an hour lecture about rules." Her dad was a deputy at the local police station. It was both a good thing, and a bad thing. That's probably why I'm one of Prudence's only friends. Her dad was so strict, and he loved me! She didn't seem to mind though.

The GPS told Prudence that our destination would be in 400 feet on the left side. We didn't need those directions, because we could hear the music. It was Katy Perry's "Roar" and it was blasting out of their sound system. That's when I got really nervous. "Prudence, I don' t think I can do this." I said as she parked the car in-between a yellow Land Rover and a white BMW. She took out the key and stared at me, knowing I wasn't done. "Can't we just go back to my house and watch funny cat videos on YouTube?" Everybody who was anybody was going to be at this party. EVERYBODY!

"Clary, you don't even like cats." She said rather breathlessly. That was true. Cats are so needy and they shed like crazy. Cat hair on my black slacks? I don't think so.

"Which is why it's funny when they run into walls." I said, not unbuckling my seatbelt. This was my first party and I was panicked. "Prude…"

"Don't 'Prude' me. We are going to this party. I'm not going, if your not going." Prudence shrugged and looked at me. I stared back at her and thought about my options silently. She really wanted to go, and I couldn't leave my best friend alone at a party. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take. Only for Prudence. If it were anybody else, I would of laughed in their face and made my way home.

"Fine…let's go, before I change my mind." I opened the rusty door and hopped down. I felt so much freer without the crutches digging into my armpits. Talk about uncomfortable. Instantly, Goosebumps appeared on my shaved legs. I knew it was going to be cold. I even forced Prudence to bring a jacket, at least to leave in the car.

She squealed after she jumped out after me. How she jumped in heels, I don't know. She walked around the front of the truck, and linked her arm through mine. "Isn't this exciting?"

"Oh yes. Very." I said, sarcasm leaking from my lips. "I could just die of excitement."

Or embarrassment, my brain said.

Thank you brain, for that glorious reminder.

"Come on Claire, let's go." She proclaimed as she dragged me along. I was getting dragged all day today. Somehow, I don't think this will be the last time, I thought as we walked towards a dark mahogany door.

A few minutes later, Prudence and I were knocking on the door. I highly doubted anyone would hear over what sounded like Nicki Minaj. "Prude. They're not answering; we should go. Maybe they are ignoring us."

"Nonsense! We just walk in. Come on, the doors unlocked. Please, don't sweat. Eric invited you here, right?" Prude asked as she turned the knob, and pushing in. My ears were immediately overwhelmed with the sound. It was loud! How did these people's ears not bleed? The music was a few notches over what it needed to be. I could here a vase smash upstairs, as well as splashing from the pool outside. The stench of alcohol and sweat hit my nostrils as well. It smelled like my Uncle Gary's houseboat. He was a heavy drinker and apparently, he had active sweat glands as well.

Prudence laughed and pulled me inside the dancing house. A few people nodded towards us, while others ignored us, too absorbed in the beat of the music. I already felt uncomfortable, but Tammie says to get out of my comfort zone if I want to truly live. I suppose she's right. Can't discover new things if I'm trapped in a comfortable bubble. Even though the bubble is warm, inviting, safe, and protective. I happen to love this bubble of mind. It's a bit frightening stepping out of it.

As soon as I walked in, I was handed a drink, in a plastic cup. I tried to dissever the scent, but all I could smell was sweaty teens. I should know they were all around me. I shyly set the drink down on the table beside with me that was piled with purses, cups, and even some glasses. Not a very safe place for anything, if you ask me. No one asked me.

I glanced at Prudence, who began to shake her butt to the beat of the music. She was always more outgoing than me, always bolder. Even her appearance was bolder, much less her personality. Collin made his way through the crowd and leaned against the doorframe, looking at us.

"Prudence, Claire! I'm glad you could make it! Chill party, huh?" He said bringing a plastic cup to his lips.

"I've been to better." Prudence said coolly. I knew that was a lie, but Collin obviously didn't. Right now, Prudence would be in her yellow duck Pj's and have her retainer in. At least, the nights we didn't have parties. (Which was every night leading up until now).

I gave a helpful nodded and shifted my weight to look more relaxed in this environment. In all honesty, I was the complete opposite of relaxed, but no one needed to know it. I mean I'm sure they did already; I just didn't want to flaunt my un-socialness to everyone else. I stayed there by my best friend, listening her and her crush talk about everything from math class to whales. A muscular figure caught in the corner of my eye, and I whirled to see Eric. He was laughing as he threw a chip at one of his mates. His hair hit his eyes, whenever he laughed. His smile was so pearly and his lips were so smooth. At least they looked smooth. Should I go talk to him?

I kissed both of Prudence's cheeks and waved at Collin. They could use some time alone. Who know? Maybe Prudence will leave here with a boyfriend. My stomach twisted at the thought. She'd probably hang out with me, rather than me. And if I did hang out with them, I'd be an awkward third wheel. No one wants that. No need to make me more awkward than I already am.


Remember when I said I was going to talk to Eric? Yeah…that didn't exactly happen. I chickened out okay? I was nervous, and I was a coward. It had been about 25 minutes since I arrived at Jackie's beautiful house. I was twisting through dancing crowds, and couples with locked lips. They keep telling me to relax, but that just gave me the opposite effect. I felt more nervous then ever! Prudence and Collin haven't been in my sight, in awhile. I just hope Prudence was being smart. (I love her to death, but sometimes that girl doesn't think). Though there were people all around me, I have never felt more alone.

Somehow through the night, I met Jackie. She was a very tall and willowy girl with black curly hair that had pink highlights. She also was an expert at make up, for her face was perfect- no a dark spot or blemish in sight. She seemed nice enough, though I got the feeling she didn't really care that I was here. It was like she had parties every week. The party girl type, you know? We all have those girls in school that everyone knows, but no one ever knows them.

I walked into the kitchen a grabbed a plastic cup, since my own water bottles ran out. I looked around at the drinks that were offered. Alcohol, alcohol, more alcohol. I was debating on whether or not I was going to drink water from the tap. I know, I sound like a snob, and I am. I'm a water snob. I can't stand tap water. It's so metallic tasting, and its gross. I know there are people without water in the world, but here, I have a choice. My choice was definitely not tap water. People were crowded in the kitchen, and I had to basically crawl through them (Since was short compared to the like 11 feet tall jocks). I closed my eyes and stretched my arm, as far as I can on the counter. My fingers strained to reach some sort of handle or bottle. My fingers curled around a plastic handle, and I brought it up, pulling it towards my body. It was a red liquid with orange slices floating around in it. I pulled off the lid and inhaled the sweet scent. I didn't smell like alcohol, so I figured it was fine. I poured some in my cup, and let out a tired sigh. Bringing the cup to my lips, I made my way out of the kitchen and to the back door, in dying need of fresh air. It was so hot in here with the amount of horny teens asking for attention.

As soon as I stepped outside, the cool air hit my sweaty armpits and neck. It dried my damp hairline, and cooled me down instantly. I leaned against the back wall of the house, and sipped my fruity drink. The drink was refreshing, fruity, and sweet. I liked it a lot.

Jackie's house came with a pool- a shining, shimmering, magical pool. A mini waterfall was on the left side, pouring down the water down reddish colored rocks into the body of water below. It was nice, but much too cold to swim in tonight. I wish I had a pool in my backyard. I could have gone swimming so many times, growing up. I loved swimming, but didn't get to often, because the lack of public pools in this area. All I had in my back yard was a giant tree with a tire swing. I was pretty sure I have to replace the rope, so it doesn't snap on me. That was how Tammie broke her right hand when she was 8. I was pushing on the swing, but the rope snapped in midair, and Tammie went flying. She landed on her hand and cried for a whole 2 hours. She still has a huge fear of heights, until this day.

I just relaxed outside, occasionally sipping my drink, and occasionally missing my mouth. I did that often. Payphone by Maroon 5 was playing inside the house, and I could hear drunken teens sing along to Adam Levine. I closed my eyes and debated if I should just jump the fence and walk home. I was such an introvert.

The glass door opened, and I opened my dirty eyes to see who was interrupted my self-loathing. Rude.

I stopped when I saw who it was. Eric had done the interrupting. And I was going to hyperventilate. I was not prepared! What was I going to say! What was he going to say? Act cool. Be cool. Talk cool.

"Oh hey, Eric. What's up?" I coughed and ran my hand through my hair. I shifted uncomfortably and tried to look natural. I failed completely.

"Claire? Is that you?! You look great!" He said, walking over to me. He too, was holding a plastic cup, a brown liquid sloshing around and spilling over the rim onto his hand. He now stood in front of me at an alarming proximity.

I blushed at his comment and at his closeness. "Oh you know, I try." How was I remaining to be so…chill? Oh my…he was so close. I could smell his breath. It smelled of alcohol and spearmint. It was good and bad. I wasn't quite sure. He put a tan hand on the wall besides my head and leaned towards me.

"You're pretty Claire." He said in a deep voice.

My heart was beating as fast at a rocket. This was it. Eric was going to kiss me. Eric was going to kiss me. He leaned forward and cast a lazy grin on his face.

I was so nervous. All I saw was handsome Eric.

Until I didn't.

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