Lies My Parents Told Me

Lies. That's what fell on my ears

Maybe it would hurt less if they had said the truth back then

I know now that all of those years

Were just her tears

Whats your reason for this change in season?

Where is that ace face?

What's the matter that you can't wipe it away?

On this sunny day

You who are so cruel

Can go and drool over what you don't have

Cause your other half has broken

I see it.

Blinding sun and soft grass

the smile that is the stain on the glass

those happy laughs

She was blinded and a fool

Just like a hero who can't swoop and catch the truth

Why did you lie?

I can see what you are now and It burns

When will it end?

I can only yearn for those days

what I know now I wish I never found

The hate is towards me and not you

I know that's what I shouldn't do

But I've never been much for the rules

That slap in the face was all

I needed to break.

The hard asphalt jolted me awake

Wait. Track back. Put on repeat, let me see my past

The child with the pretty face

Who only saw the sun but not the rain


I can see it now

The one who blinded me

wasn't them it was you

Its all coming true

It was me

Not you.