I feel like a mess
I'm unhappy and sad
Definitely depressed
My heart aches
So does my head
Tired, I've been
And longing to be dead
I oft feel worthless
Stupid too
Your words hurt
I must be glue
I don't want the sun
Just wish this...
this glum spell undone

I don't mean to be angry
It just happens that way
I don't know how to react
When I feel sacked
Almost always everyday
The anger burns
But then I feel alive
Pardon my feelings
But at least I don't
I don't feel like I'm dead inside

I scar my body
Not because I'm unhappy
But I like how I feel
When I incise the deal
I can be angry and hurt
Sad and upset
Worthless and happy
All with a crimson seal
You'd never know
Because each line
I'd never show
You can think I'm fine
And I'm fine with that
You can stay happy
And I'll be here
Content as a doormat

February 14, 2013
Written by: Ai