A man in his early twenties with white skin, dark brownish red hair, a lean but strong build, just under six foot and aqua eyes sat at the small two person dining table in a red and burgundy apartment, staring at a neat letter in his hand, his aqua eyes scanning the printed letters as he struggled with dyslexic eyes to figure out the words that had been written to him.

Matt looked at the letter in his hand, it was from his landlord, he had two weeks until his next rent was due, he had three quarters of the money, now he just had to find the last fifty dollars, he could sell his truck and that would set him up with this month and next month's rent with enough left over for him to get some new shoes, his old converse really weren't cutting it. But no, he couldn't get rid of the old truck, aside from the odd flat tire or oil change the still shiny beloved truck hadn't broken down once in the four years since he'd gotten it for his sixteenth birthday. Not to mention he worked all over the city so how could he get around without New York City without a ride? And the subway wasn't an option, not with all the weapons he needed.

See the thing about Matt's work was: by day he hunted Demons for a living. It was the year 2022 and the world had been submitted to Demonkind for not looking after the environment. Needless to say a LOT more people went green after the pasty skinned, metal horned, black winged Demons began snatching people at every shadow. There were people trained to hunt the Demons and kill them to protect the people from harm, they called themselves 'The Saviour's Society'.

But by night he danced at 'The Graceful Swan' club in nothing but whatever the boss wanted, which wasn't usually much.

But then there was Matt. Who just plain hated Demons, the way they hurt innocent people, the way they didn't care, and the way they smiled as they killed, well, most people didn't know that last part, but Matt did, Matt always had, because on his seventeenth birthday his baby Sister, his twin Brother, his Mom and his Dad were murdered by a pair of Demons, who smiled as they ripped his family to shreds, and left him torn and battered, even now his arms, chest and legs were coated with the thin white lines of scars left behind from the Demons' filthy black Talons.

Other than that he had dark red brownish bangs that got in his eyes but he couldn't be bothered to cut, bright blue eyes that he accentuated with just little enough eyeliner to draw attention to his eyes without people actually realising he was wearing eyeliner, slightly full pale pink lips and pale skin scarred by the demons.