Temptation With Wings.
Chapter one:
Call For Help.
A seventeen year old with black and blue emo bans covering one aye and a pair of blue and black skullcandi headphones banged his head to the music he was listening to, Black Veil Brides. He was one of the few who were glad of Andy and Ashley's new found relationship, the two deserved to find happiness, if it was with each other then Seth didn't see a problem. Pens and knives was one of his favourites and he pumped his fist when his favourite song came on the radio through his radio/ipod. "WITH KNIVES AND PENS WE MADE OUR PROMISE!" he unknowingly yelled, considering it was two am and his Father had come in drunk. Again.
Right on time the slightly overweight, seven foot tall, bald, drunk image of Seth Valentine's Father bust into his bedroom, glaring at his son through dilated, bloodshot eyes. He ripped the headphones from his son's bobbing closed-eyed head and threw them down, the force of which causing them to leave his Ipod, which then continued to blare the song out loudly, he quickly muted the radio and backed into the corner of the bed, his bangs falling into his face as he shook with fear, his eyes wide, his Dad was a good man... when he wasn't drunk. At the moment though Paul Valentine WAS drunk. And angry.
He delivered a swift, if slightly messy, blow to the side of his son's head which knocked Seth's blue and black head into the hard concrete wall of his black and red bedroom wall, cracking open the skin on his scalp and cheek, and knocking him unconscious, scared; his Father left the room to go beat on the wall, he hadn't meant to hurt his son so badly!
When Seth awoke his head and hair were coated in dried blood, that was actually a good sign: it meant he'd stopped bleeding which meant he didn't have internal bleeding, the pale morning sun was just rising over the peaks of disrepaired yet inhabited houses that settled in the povertised district of Atlanta. Standing up from his bed despite his overwhelming sense of nausea and dizziness Seth went into the bathroom, unsurprised to find his Dad asleep over the toilet bowl, puke clinging to his dark blue shirt and dark jeans, helping his Father to stand Seth walked the rousing man to his slightly larger than Seth's bedroom and stripped him of his puke ridden clothes, tucking him into the double bed and carrying the putrid clothes downstairs to the washer, chucking them in unceremoniously and setting the washer to delicates – his Dad REALLY loved that dark blue shirt.
Now that Seth had a moment to think and relax he realised just HOW much his head pounded, walking upstairs he took two aspirin and turned the shower on, letting it heat up before he would stand under the spray, knowing full well if he entered the spray immediately it would be as cold as ice under the spray. As he tugged off the shoes he'd slept in he heard his Dad sobbing from the bedroom 'Probably regrets hitting me now' Seth thought sadly, he tugged his shoe all the way off and stood in the door way to his Father's bedroom, soon finding himself in his Father's sorrowful embrace "Shh it's okay Dad, I'm fine, come on, get in bed." His Father obeyed, happy to do anything to please his soon, Seth sat on the edge of the bed and held his Father's hand, placing his other hand over it and smiling softly "You go to sleep papa, I'm gonna go get a shower then I'll make you an anti-hangover breakfast okay?" his Father nodded, knowing how good his son's food was and turned over, almost immediately asleep.
Seth stood under the shower's spray grateful for the gentle thrum of the water on his creamy skin, massaging muscles that had been cramped from sleeping in an awkward position in the corner of his single bed all night. It was Sunday so he didn't need to worry about school and he could focus on the current problem. He realised that his Father had gotten more than a little out of hand last night and that his father also really needed help, he couldn't think what to do. Except call his Uncle and ask for help.
After he'd showered for well over an hour and a half, letting the spray increase in pressure and loosen his aching, cramped muscles, he wrapped his black towel tight around his waist, dried his hair with a smaller black towel and picked up his SideKick to call his Uncle Jason.
"Hello?" the voice of Seth's uncle answered, he must have been at work because if he had been at home it would have been "Hey there emo" or maybe "What's up chainmail" Jason really loved to tease his nephew about his choice in clothing.
"Hey Uncle Jason, listen you know you said you could take up to a month off from work at a time?" Seth said warily, he broke off school in three weeks so he could do it himself after then.
"Yeah, why has something happened?" His Uncle asked now suddenly worried for his nephew, perhaps his brother had gone too far and hit Seth, that thought worried Jason because he knew firsthand how strong his brother truly was when he didn't control himself.
"Nothing major so calm down. It's just, he's been getting a little worse so I was hoping maybe you'd come down and help me keep him off the booze while I'm at school then I could take over once I get back, that way he'd be kept off it completely, he really wants to quit but he just can't, so if we monitored him maybe we could keep him off of it." Seth said hopefully, he really thought it could work, but only if Jason kept him off of it while Seth was at school.
"That is the best Idea I think you've ever come up with kid, I'll ask Sam later and get back to you tomorrow okay?" Seth agreed "Okay well see you later Chainmail, love you!"
Seth blushed despite being alone and muttered "Love you to Uncle" embarrassedly and with his lips screwed up before hanging up and getting out his art kit, he REALLY wanted to draw.

Jason felt two arms wrap around his bare toned torso and a naked warm chest press up against his back as he hung up his cell phone, his editor and lover Samuel J Thomson placed a soft, teasing kiss to a particularly sensitive knot of muscle by Jason's collar bone and the tall, tanned, muscled man gave a groan of appreciation. "Ask Sam what?" Jason's teaser asked, stroking soft languid circles on Jason's abdomen with the tips of his fingers, tracing the vine tattoo on his lower abdominals which after last night there was no way he DIDN'T know were sensitive, forcing Jason to bite back yet another groan.
"I need some time off to go down to see my brother." Jason moaned out, he could barely concentrate with the way Sam was pulling groans so easily from his only too willing body.
"How long?" Sam asked "Because you know I don't wanna' be too long without this-" he pinched Jason's ass to display what 'this' was, 'oh god' Jason thought 'how am I gonna tell him I need four weeks off? I'd miss him so much, and I know he'd miss me but, Seth and Paul need me, I couldn't just fob them off because I wanted to spend a few hours in bed next to my baby.'
"Four weeks. And before you say ANYTHING baby it is important, my brother Paul is an alcoholic and he really needs to quit, and because Seth's still in school he needs my help until summer break so he can keep his Dad away from the drink, and then I wanna stay an extra week to make sure Seth can handle it. I don't wanna leave you but I have to go and the place is too small for more than three and-"
"Baby... How could I say no to you not helping your baby nephew? You take the time off you need, I know you have a month's worth of articles in that computer of yours so I'll just use them, and yeah I'll miss you. A lot. And I wanna meet this nephew of yours (he has to be interesting to have a nickname like chainmail) so you go help your nephew and I'll come down once a week to help and meet your family."
"Mmmh, everyone is full of good ideas but me today." Jason whispered, clearly stating that he thought that was a good Idea before turning and capturing Sam's lips with his own, he really did love the blonde, especially when he was so thoughtful.