White flakes were softly falling, slowly covering the ground with a thick layer of white, just enough for snow angels and snowmen, but not enough to cause a snow day. There was no wind except for a light breeze and the air was chilly, but not freezing. I smiled as I walked outside, caught a few snowflakes on my gloves hands: my first snow. I pulled my cap tighter on my head while I stuck out my tongue to catch a few flakes. At the first feeling of cold on my mouth, I grinned and practically skipped my way to class.

I decided to take the long way, avoiding walking inside buildings so that I could get the full experience of snow. Walking past one building revealed a thing of beauty: the park completely covered in a wonderful blanket of white. My breath hitched as I stood there, just watching the snow fall, watching it catch on the trees, watching it create layers on the ground. It was beautiful.

And that's when I saw you. Standing on the other side of the park looking as astounded at the beauty as I was. You didn't notice me, but I watched you for a while, watched you smile, watched you play with a ball of snow like a child before laying in it and creating a snow angel. I couldn't help the grin that overtook my face as I watched you, so happy and so content, basking in the beauty of the snow. I felt butterflies flying about in my stomach, flying up my throat and flying out my mouth as I called out, "Hi, love!"

You immediately sat up from your show angel position, head angled as you tried to figure out where my voice was coming from. You finally noticed me and waved, motioning for me to come closer and join you in the snow. I trod across the slippery ground carefully, terrified of slipping and falling to an icy pain. When I reached your snow angel, you grabbed my hand and pulled me down next to you, both of us sitting in a few inches or cold, frozen water. At that moment I didn't care much for the snow, I could feel it soaking my jeans and numbing every part of my lower body. I shivered and you put an arm around me, kissing my forehead. You smiled softly at me before laying down and motioning for me to do the same. I shivered again before laying down. Still looking at me, you moved your arms and legs, creating an angel in the snow before motioning at me to do the same.

Having never been in the snow, I was incredibly wary about doing this for the first time. I carefully moved my arms up and down, but apparently it was too softly because I felt your hand put pressure on the arm closet to you. I moved my arms a little faster and harder before doing the same with my legs. I was sure this would look ridiculous once I was done, but I continued going because you just looked so happy that we were making snow angels together. I stopped once I though my angel was sufficient, turned my head toward you and smiled. I felt your hand on mine, intertwining our fingers.

Softly, you whispered, "I love you." Softly, your hand brushed my cheek. Softly, you said "You're beautiful."

Gently, you moved closer to me. Gently, you put a hand on my waist. Gently, you pressed your lips against mine.

We were quite the picture then. My hands around your neck, your hands on my cheek and waist, our lips locked, lying in the cold, wet snow.

After a few moments you pulled away from me, locked your green eyes with mine and then swiftly stood up. You stuck out your hand, then helped me out of the snow and brushed some off of me. I was wet and cold, but I didn't care when I saw our angels in the snow-dusted ground of the park. One, obviously taller with a larger arm and leg span, but the other, shorter with a smaller arm and leg span. However, the smaller one resided in part of the larger arm span.

Just like us.

At that moment, you placed an arm around my waist. My arms were crossed and so you grabbed the hand closest to yours before pulling me closer to you and kissing my forehead again.

At that moment, everything was perfect. The snow falling on us, the snow angels looking exactly like us. It was a picture perfect moment and one I took a mental snapshot of.

At that moment, I realised just how amazing you are.

At that moment, I realised that you are my rock, my world, my everything.

At that moment, I realised just how in love with you I really am.

And at that moment, I realised how amazing my first snow day really was.