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Blood and tears blurred Evilyn's vision as she ran through the forest barefooted. With every twig she stepped on she winced but kept going, if she stopped, she would surely die. Little drops of ice cold rain poured from the lifeless gray clouds, and chilled her to the bone. Thunder started to sound. Her surroundings were illuminated by a flash of lighting, showing an endless maze of tall trees and bushes, once, a friendly forest but at that moment, the only chance of survival.

In her mind she ran through the pitiful events of the day, how Alice's bright eyes had widened with fear when she told Evilyn to run, the tight grip of her mother's hand on her wrist and the last glimpse of her she would ever see. She remembered the pounding of the guards' feet behind her, the chains on her wrists biting into her skin. The horror of the filthy cell she was put in and the tears that had fallen down her face when she was carelessly thrown into it.

Her feet began to cramp but she couldn't stop running, her life was on the line. She could hear the heavy footsteps of the guards behind her, they were shouting to one another and with every shout she silently pleaded for help. The pounding of the horses' hooves was in perfect time with her frantic heartbeat, and at any moment, she felt her heart would leap into her throat.

Evilyn's eyes widened as she heard them catching up with her, desperately, she gathered her dress so she would not trip; by now the dress was caked with mud and torn at the sleeves and hem. Her long wavy hair was whipping in her face as she ran, her plump pink lips were parted, trying to desperately suck air into her lungs.

Chapter One:

Evilyn's chapped lips brushed her mother's sweaty forehead. With a reassuring touch Evilyn left her in the heap of dirty blankets; barely recognising the misshapen body underneath them. The worn wooden door shut firmly behind her as she exited the small house.

"Worse," Evilyn muttered to no one in particular. "Worse," she repeated, trailing off on the word and leaving it to spin in the air around her. Caught in her own thoughts, she walked away from the beaten old house and trudged along the path. Loose gravel stuck to her bare feet, but being used to it she barely winced from the pain. Her toes were dirty, covered in various muck from the streets, fresh cuts and blisters, which she was all too used to, showed all the hardships she had been through. Her mother dying was yet another thing going wrong. Every day Evilyn witnessed her getting weaker, more weary and losing all the joyous strength that once belonged to her limbs. The Sickness was consuming her body, turning it gray. The once bright blue eyes of her mother were sad and full of grief. Of course, this was not the first time she had seen The Sickness drain the life of her loved ones.

Evilyn reached the end of the path, the cobblestone rough under her feet, and turned her gaze towards the children who were playing by the street while their mothers traded.

"Evilyn!" One of the little girls shrieked, dropping whatever it was she was playing with. Delight shone in her eyes once she saw Evilyn's tired face. Evilyn was a soul who had seen many deaths, and looking at the little girl she was able to tell The Sickness would affect her soon. It was becoming so common to witness so many deaths in the course of a month. Every day the count augmented, three dead; a father, a child and a mother. The next day two dead; a brother and sister, holding hands in their final moments. The following day two families dead… and the list grew each passing day.

She had come to know most of her neighbours, having lived with them since birth. Being the age of fifteen Evilyn had learned to fend for herself, no longer being able to rely on others, people that she once knew that were like mother, father, brother and sister to her. She was lost in memories of dead bodies, being buried in the abundant, yet useless fields.

"Alice," Evilyn turned to her young friend, a fake smile playing on her lips. She was not able to distract herself from envisioning the little girl's body in a field. Alice's brown eyes were already turning gray, her normally lively face was paler than she remembered it, and her lips were no longer plump, but a thin line of light pink flesh. Evilyn noticed that even Alice's movements were slower, The Sickness is beginning, she observed bitterly.

Evilyn reached out to touch the young girl's face, sorrow in her eyes and a deceiving smile on her face.

"Alice, you must cover yourself." Evilyn said in a motherly way, as she buttoned the young girl's coat up to her neck.


"Yes, Alice, what is it?"

"I'm hungry," she complained.

It was hardly a surprise to Evilyn that she would be hungry, everyone in the Godforsaken village was.

"I'm sorry Alice, I have no extra bread to give you, I brought it all to my mother."

"Oh," was all she said.

They sat down by the side of the street, Evilyn's dress puffing out around her. She pulled Alice into the red-hued cloth and onto her lap, pushing aside the blonde curls from the young girl's face.

"How is your mother doing, Evilyn?" Alice asked.

"Better, don't you worry." Evilyn lied, there was no point in telling Alice the truth, she knew the reality of The Sickness. Alice sat in Evilyn's lap, and sat quietly, while Evilyn's fingers raked through her dirt streaked hair.

After two minutes of sitting in silence, Alice spoke, "It's not fair," she said. Evilyn nodded, but continued to tug at Alice's hair in hopes of getting the knots out. "The King should do something," she whined. All Evilyn could do was shrug, blaming the King was all she had ever done, that, and watching everyone around her die because of him, and his lack of noticing the hundreds buried in his fields.

"The King is doing all he can." Evilyn said softly, but even that was a lie. The King did nothing for his people, never had, never will, Evilyn thought bleakly. Suddenly a manly voice shouted Evilyn's name, interrupting her thoughts. Sighing, Evilyn unpinned her hair, and let the soft brown waves of her hair cascade around her shoulders and down to her back. She ruffled her hair and pushed Alice off her lap.

A tall man appeared before her and grabbed her roughly by the shoulder, hauling her up. Evilyn looked down, and the man guided her gaze up by clenching her jaw and pulling it to meet his.

"I require your services," the man said shortly, not letting go of her face, his fingers digging into it and hurting her.

The man let go, and Evilyn nodded. She looked down towards Alice and smiled sweetly at her, "Alice, you must leave now,"

"Are you working again, Evilyn?"

"Yes, darling," Evilyn replied to the oblivious girl. "Now run along."

Alice hurried away and left Evilyn and the man alone. Evilyn wasn't scared, she had done this many times, and knew other girls who had done this as well. This man was one of her rougher customers but his pay was generous. He was a nobleman, one who should never be seen with a girl such as Evilyn. She knew very little about him, all she knew was that he was a married man. His wife and him had had one child together and it had been a stillbirth. His wife refused to have any more, convinced that God had punished her for her sinful desires, by killing their only child.

Evilyn followed the man to a space away from the market. Never once did he turn around, he knew she was behind him. Her expression was calm, perhaps from experience with the man. She found herself looking at the man's back, his defined shoulders and noble-man clothing. His head was tilted downwards and Evilyn felt that he was ashamed to be seeing her. She regarded his hair with a curious expression and couldn't help but wonder about his wife, did she like his manly shoulders and tall build? Almost double Evilyn's age, the man was attractive for someone who was much older than she was.

Before she even realized what was going on, she felt her back being slammed against a brick wall, and her skirts lifted. She breathed in sharply when she came into contact with the wall behind her. Evilyn concentrated on the empty space in front of her, cringing with every thrust from the man. Her eyes closed and she pretended to be elsewhere; with her older brother and father when they were still alive. Her father's hearty laugh guided her through the man's rough hands touching her body and pulling on her hair, her brother's playful punches to the shoulder lead her through the man finishing.

When the man finally let go of her shoulders, Evilyn could feel bruises starting to form. Her knees were weak and her head sore from the constant banging of it on the wall. The man grunted in pleasure and did not thank her, instead, he pulled up his pants and gave Evilyn her pay. It was less than usual, much less.

She nodded her head at the man and left him to catch his breath. With coins in her hand she tried not to wince in pain as she walked.


The street was full with people when she returned, and every noble-woman she saw who took a look at Evilyn's ruffled hair, and cheap dress, was regarding her with disgust on her face. Evilyn tilted her head down, and quickly pinned her hair back up with the pin she had slipped onto her sleeve.

She carelessly threw the coins into the inside pocket of her dress. She fixed herself, and carried on walking. She waited next to the others in an alleyway. Evilyn was much younger than the other girls, and much prettier; men found her big hazel eyes inviting and innocent even though she was anything but. Her eyebrows were thick and matched her brown wavy hair. She was scrawny from the lack of food to nourish her, and the dress she wore was loose from losing weight. Her hair was streaked with dirt, and her face was covered in grime, despite her efforts to keep it clean. Regardless of her appearance, Evilyn was still able to lure customers and the other girls envied her for it.

Between the empty space of two houses, she slumped against the wall, waiting for her next customer. Evilyn looked at the other girls; they're faces were caked in chalk to make them seem paler, and their lips were stained red. Their eyes were dark with fatigue and charcoal.

She closed her eyes for a moment and let a single tear slip down her face, she hated waiting to be abused, how she had to sometimes step out of the alley and seduce yet another well respected man. She knew she was dirt under their shoes, but still, she strutted along. She placed her hands where she knew they wanted to be touched, let them leer at her breasts as her seemingly innocent hazel eyes seduced them further. She was good at what she did. Very good, but more often than not, the men she seduced were drunk, and Evilyn found herself with bruises on her face, arms, and legs. On unlucky nights she would end up bleeding.

Many of the King's men were her customers. Young, and old, they all secretly loved Evilyn and her seemingly innocent beauty.

Evilyn opened her eyes to find a man who was anxiously waiting before her.

"My pay." Evilyn said, expectantly sticking out her hand. She did not want to be stepped on again like previously.

"Half. Half now, half later." The man slurred.

"Yes." Was all she said as she waited for the man's rough touch, and probable beating.