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Chapter Four:

Once Alice had left her, Evilyn did not know what to do. She only had herself, and the rat to keep her company. Hunger started to drive her mad. Her stomach ached and the only thing she could do was clutch it. She was weak, she barely had enough energy to move her fingers; but it was the only way for her to tell if she was still alive. Evilyn's throat burned for the sweet taste of water, her tongue lay dry in her mouth and she could barely swallow.

For several hours Evilyn sat at the back of the cell resting her head against the brick wall. "There has to be a way!" She shouted, throwing her hands up in frustration. Just then her ears perked up to hear the only sound she had heard in days. Footsteps, large heavy footsteps. No doubt a guard, she thought. As the guard neared Evilyn, her mind was rushing to find a plan. Any plan. Questions chased throughout her head. Would the guard bring her food? Was he to escort her to be hung? Had he been given orders to torture Evilyn?

Evilyn brought her head up with the little energy she had and looked towards the stairs where the guard came. He was holding a bowl. Excitement cursed through her veins as the guard came closer. All escape plans left her mind, all the questions about being hung or tortured abandoned her; all that mattered was the bowl and whatever might have been in it.

"Is my little slut still alive?" The guard asked with a smirk playing on his lips. But all Evilyn could do was stare at the bowl. She watched it like a hungry predator might watch its prey; eyes focused and unblinking. Her hazel eyes stalked the bowl and the guard let out a small chuckle.

"Is this what y' want?" He moved the bowl in circles above her. Helpless she sat, waiting to be fed. Evilyn nodded her head desperately.

"P-please," She spoke quietly.

The guard's dark eyes shone with amusement. He was a sturdy man, wearing the typical armour any guard would. He had a sword at his side and his hair hung in his face. He was older than Evilyn, and he liked the way he stood tall above her. It gave him power. In his eyes women were but dirt under his shoes, and women such as Evilyn were even more so.

Evilyn then watched as the guard put the bowl to his lips and drank. Anger boiled inside of her and she wished more than anything that she could be out of the cell just to hit the guard. The guard saw this in her expression and smiled. Her hatred for him was growing every passing second; suddenly the fear she had felt turned into anger. Evilyn knew that this guard would not be her only obstacle, but she knew it wasn't impossible for her to get past him. Her hand passed over her thigh where the knife was secured under her dress. She had a shot.

"I don't care," Evilyn said clearly. A surge of adrenaline overtook her and her mind sharpened. She knew what she had to do. She continued to pass her hand over her dress where she could feel the knife was. She continued this motion, it gave her a false sense of security. The guard seemed shaken by the strength in her voice. He stopped drinking the water, and pulled the bowl away from his mouth.

"What are you saying?" The guard asked almost bemused by Evilyn's attitude.

"You're just a guard. You've no role in the prisons. The only task you have is to bring food and water so the prisoners don't perish." Evilyn made the words coldly roll of her tongue. The truth was she was most certainly terrified, but she knew the only way she would get out of the Godforsaken cell was to get the guard angry.

"You are just a guard; the reason you're taunting me so is because you hate your job, and you feel so unimportant that you need to be cruel to the prisoners to make yourself feel like you matter." Evilyn paused and looked in the guard's eyes, hopefully what she was telling him had had an impact on him. Judging by his look of anger, she had almost succeeded.

"You are just a guard." Evilyn repeated. The words struck him as if she had hit him, and almost suddenly he reacted.

"Shut up," He seethed through his teeth.

"Then I am right, am I not?" Evilyn dared to stare the guard in the eyes. His eyes darted around the room trying to find a suitable answer, but he knew Evilyn was right, and he did not like it.

"I said to shut up!" He brought a fist down onto the bars and the noise rung throughout the dungeon.

"You are just a guard. No, not a guard but a servant, dirt under their feet," she spat. "They keep you down here because," she paused and looked around the cell dramatically. "You aren't perhaps brave enough to fight?" Evilyn stood up from the ground painfully and grabbed the bars. "You are just as much a prisoner as I am."

The guard's eyes were dilated and red, Evilyn was sure what she had planned would work. His face was flushed and his skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Any moment, just a few more words, Evilyn thought.

"You're weak. You are dirt and filth. You are a coward who hides here!" The guard's eyes flashed with rage and Evilyn knew that he was ready to hit her, or worse. The guard fumbled around to find the key to the cell but Evilyn continued to provoke him. "You are nothing! You can't even fight! You're not brave enough or strong enough-" the cell door swung open and the guard rushed in.

"Filthy whore, with a bad tongue you are!" The guard shouted. "That's fine, lass, cut it right out." Evilyn's tongue felt heavy in her mouth as she thought of his threat.

She was not prepared for what she had planned to do, and the crazy look in the guard's eyes was not very encouraging. Evilyn took a deep breath and tried to concentrate. The guard stood between her and the exit, but there was room to go around him if she managed to stop his attack. Only one way to do that, she thought stroking the knife at her thigh.

The guard advanced towards her, enjoying the petrified look on her face. "Yes, lass, just cut it right out." His voice was so calm and relaxed that Evilyn wanted to drop to the floor and started sobbing, begging for forgiveness. But she did not. As he came nearer to her, her hand reached for the hilt of the knife.

The guard leapt at her easily. Evilyn's body was full of adrenaline. Her mind was already ten steps ahead of the guard, but she acted weak.

"Please, no-" Evilyn tried to say, but she was cut short from the man's hand clamping her jaw. The pads of his fingers dug into her skin and pain helped to keep her mind sharp. The man was upon her, his large body almost engulfing her small fragile one. The neckline of her dress was in his hand and he held her close to his face. Evilyn could see the lack of hygiene the man had; his teeth were yellowing and his breath was sour.

Without a second thought Evilyn reached for the knife and took it out of the make-shift sheath. She held the knife behind her with an unwavering, determined hand. I must, she convinced herself.

The guard kept her in his grasp and spoke of cutting out her tongue. "Once you don't got that anymore, I can pleasure myself with you? How does that sound? No one to hear you talk, and why's that? You can't talk, lass. Not without your tongue." Fear and anger drove Evilyn to raise the knife. She looked into the man's blood shot eyes for a last time, and with a grunt she pushed the knife through his back.

The guard's anguished screams filled the cell as she struck him repeatedly. She too screamed in horror and looked away as the blood spurted out of the wound, and onto the walls of the cell. It was not long before the man collapsed onto her. His dead weight caused Evilyn, who was much weaker, to fall. The man was crushing her. His eyes were wide open, and the look of pain on his face made Evilyn realise her act. Murder. I just murdered a man, she thought. The penalty for murdering is much worse than that of stealing a loaf of bread. She released the knife and it fell to the floor. Blood ran down her arm. His blood. A tear rolled down her cheek as she quickly became aware of the fact that she had a dead man on her, and soon other guards would come to find her.

With a grunt she managed to push what had been the guard off of her, and roll the body to the floor, where he lay in a puddle of crimson. She picked up the stained knife and wiped it on the corner of her already bloody dress. Evilyn was breathing heavily, her heart was racing, and her mind was flooded with horrible thoughts. But she pushed the thoughts of the noose around her neck, the image of her lifeless body hanging by a rope, and the fear away.

"I am not going to die." She said out loud in a weak attempt to calm herself.

She glanced one last time at the man she had killed, and silently slipped out of the prison she had been in. She had no time to think about the pit of hunger that was consuming her; all that was on her mind was survival.

"Nothing else matters."

Evilyn's feet slapped on the pavement of the dungeon corridor; the slightest sound made an echo and she feared that she might be discovered. She ran up the stone steps and once she got to the top carefully peered around the corner. Her heart nearly leaped out of her chest as she saw a young guard that was coming towards her. He was handsome, but Evilyn didn't bother to think of his chestnut hair or his dreary yet enchanting brown eyes; she saw him as a threat. A threat to her and her chance of survival. Evilyn kept her hand close to the knife as she determined exactly how she would get around the guard.

She pushed her back against the dark brick wall and tried to breathe steadily. She closed her eyes and reached for the knife. Footsteps neared her and she gripped the knife tightly in her palm. Evilyn took one more deep breath and stepped out from behind the corner, to her relief the guard was far from her.

She took a deep breath and made her way cautiously. No one had seen her so far, but the chains around her wrists, her tattered dress, bare feet and knotted hair were sure to give her away sooner than later. The shackles were slowing her down, but she kept on running through the castle, careful to avoid guards, and ducking behind a corner when a servant came. Her dress was still too long and slowed her down. The ragged red cloth reached to her ankles, but Evilyn decided it was much too long for running. She tore the dress further to just above the knee so she could move more freely, but that still left the noticeable metal shackles around her wrists.

Evilyn reached the kitchen where servants were preparing for the King's meal and recognised a girl she had known.

"Guinevere ," Evilyn whispered.

Guinevere had been a good friend of Evilyn's brother. And if her brother had been alive, they would have been the same age. Guinevere turned around; her light blonde hair was pulled back like many of the female servants were. Guinevere rushed over to where Evilyn was hiding by sacks of flour.

"Evilyn, is that you?" Guinevere's puzzled face neared Evilyn's. "Oh God, what's happened?" Guinevere's eyebrows knit together with worry once she saw the condition Evilyn was in.

"I haven't the time to explain, Guinevere, I must leave." Evilyn said, her voice hushed as to not attract any attention to herself and Guinevere.

"You're covered in blood!" Guinevere shrieked.

"Shhhh!" Evilyn whispered loudly. "Guinevere, I need food, something to cover myself with, and these shackles…" Evilyn showed Guinevere her wrists, "I haven't a clue as to how I will get them off."

"Evilyn… what have you done?"

"Guinevere, not now. I must go, if you can't help then-"

"No, no, Evilyn I can get you some food right now," Guinevere interrupted while passing her a hot bun.

Evilyn's eyes widened as she set eyes on the food. She had forgotten about her hunger, but now that the food was in her hands she shoved the whole bun in her mouth. Guinevere smiled, "You always was one for the food." I will be right back Evilyn, stay here."

"Where else would I go, I am a criminal." Evilyn murmured to herself. She slumped against the flower sacks, her heart still slamming against her ribcage. Her eyes followed Guinevere's pudgy figure as she tripped over other servants and she stifled a laugh.

Evilyn's brother and Guinevere had always been good friends. They were born six days apart, and since the day they met, had never parted. That is until Evilyn's brother, Gyliath, was suddenly infected by a sickness that plagued the entire village. Ultimately death claimed his soul like the many other unfortunate women and men.

Gyliath and Guinevere, Evilyn thought. Anyone who had known Guinevere and Gyliath, believed that the two were made for each other. Evilyn thought so too. Guinevere was kind, thoughtful and pretty. She admired her. Gyliath often asked Evilyn if she wanted to join him and Guinevere on their outings, but she refused; not wanting to be a bother.

Not before long Guinevere returned with a bundle of things in her arms.

"Put this on." Guinevere commanded Evilyn as she pushed a dark cloak in her face.

"Eat this." She passed Evilyn a large bun with jam sizzling on top.

"And here, this will work better." A knife glinted in Guinevere's hand. It looked sharp and was much bigger than the one Evilyn had gotten from Alice.

Evilyn took the knife and secured the cloak around her with a mouthful of the bun. She had waited three days in that hopeless cell for the time when she would have solid food in her stomach.

"Thank you," Evilyn said when she finally swallowed the chunk. "Now go, they mustn't know you helped me."


There was one thing on Evilyn's mind: her mother. Evilyn knew that no matter what danger she was in, she had to see her mother's smile one last time. It was a big risk to take. For all she knew the guards had noticed her escape and were already at the house, waiting for her. But she had to take the risk. She was determined to see her mother's face again. Even if it was the last thing she would see.

"M-Mother?" Evilyn whispered, pausing next to the figure on the bed.

Evilyn felt a sharp pain in her wrist where her mother grabbed hold of it; pressing the metal of the shackles onto the already broken skin.

"You're bleeding…" Evilyn's mother said weakly as she noticed a wet substance on her fingers. She pushed on Evilyn's wrist and Evilyn winced.

"Yes mother, I am, and it is the least of my worries." She paused, "Mother, I must lea-"

"What have you done…?" Her mother's voice rasped. Her grey eyes were wide, her face grave, and Evilyn couldn't bear to look at her. A pang of guilt hit her. Her mother had always been right about everything. She had always hated thieves, she had once distinctly said "Thieves are cowards who do not work hard to obtain what others break their backs over." And Evilyn felt more guilty than she had been in her life. But the guilt was quickly replaced by anger.

Her mother did not know the horrors of what lay outside their little house. The guards who patrolled everywhere, the things Evilyn had to do to make sure she and her mother were healthy enough to live. Her mother had no idea of how hard life was, and how desperate Evilyn had been when she stole the loaf.

"Mother! I had to! I had to steal, the children were starving, and they would have died!" Evilyn realized she was shouting and felt ashamed. "You don't know how hard it is out there mother, it's just me now. Gyliath and father are dead." Her voice was quieter now, "And the children mother! You should have seen how weak they were, and their faces, oh how they lit up when I brought them the loaf of bread! And the cake! Mother, the cake was delicious-"

"Enough excuses Evilyn," her mother's voice cut through the air, clear and sharp. Evilyn closed her mouth and looked at her mother as if she was an entirely different person.

"Mother…" Evilyn's voice was as weak as her mother's.

Her mother tried to speak, and then began to cough, choking on blood. Evilyn instinctively grabbed a cloth and dabbed at her mother's mouth. She watched her mother's body convulsing and couldn't help but wonder what the village had done to deserve such a terrible illness. Once she recuperated herself and stopped coughing, she uttered a single word.

"Leave." The disappointment in her face was clear. The wrinkles in her face made her look old, and to Evilyn she was another person. No longer was she the mother that Evilyn came to when she had nightmares. No longer was she the mother that brushed out Evilyn's long tangled hair. No longer was she her mother.

"I am leaving mo-" Evilyn stopped herself and repeated, "I am leaving." She dropped the cloth to the floor and left without turning back. Fire licked at the back of her eyes, but she knew it would be weak to cry.

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