I'd been working on the code for a while, trying to find the spontaneous money loss glitch. I found it and I did what I could, but I wouldn't know if it did any good until the next error reports came in. 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work or barely works. There was one time I had the disaster crash glitch fixed, but the existing code gave it a timer to go off every few days. I'm still looking for that one. The find word search bar is really my saving grace in these kinds of situations, but all the keywords I've tried yield useless results or nothing at all.

I look up at the clock. I sigh again. I've been working all day as usual. I used to work until I got too tired to keep my eyes open. I'd fall asleep in my chair and resume work when I woke up. I never felt hungry, so I rarely left the room. I just wanted to get this done with fast. I think that's one of the reasons why Ludice showed up. I remember it was the day after he came.

"Hey," said Ludice, "What are you still doing in here? Don't you know how late it is? You should get some sleep."

It was only one in the morning. I didn't see the problem.

"Sleep?" I asked. "I don't sleep until I pass out. It's more efficient."

"What!?" he exclaimed. "You can't do that, it's way dangerous! The code is really important; you need a clear head, not one riddled with exhaustion!"

"Says you; I can go at least three days without getting tired. I don't even have to drink caffeine or even eat anything to keep this up. Why bother wasting such a useful skill?"

"You need to sleep or else you'll mess up the code even if you don't mean to. It's way too complicated to mess with while sleepy. Besides, even if you do have more endurance here, you're still human. Also, if you don't eat anything you'll get tired more quickly."

"But you're still up too."

"I don't need sleep. You do and there is no getting around it."

"But I have to watch the stream."

"I'll watch it. It's part of my job. You need to go to sleep."

And with that, he pulled me out of my chair and led me to my room.

"Don't get out of bed until you're well rested," he said. "This is for your own good. Goodnight."

Since then, I've slept every night. It's not really as good as working for days on end, but it makes me feel normal and calmer. After that, Ludice slowly started showing his true nature. He was all business when he first met me and tried to keep everything professional. His act fell through eventually as he became more comfortable with me. Now he feels free to space out and laugh around me. Not that his spacing out is a good thing, but it makes me feel better to have a human-like friend with me rather than a stiff, no-nonsense business partner.

I stand up, needing food. I might watch television while I eat. I don't know how we have television here, but it's not a bad setup. Ludice never eats food except for cookies. I swear, he's addicted to those things. I assume he goes to get them along with the other food. I don't know where he gets it, but it's always food I like. There's no food that I just leave to rot out of apathy for it. While that's cool, I still find it a bit creepy.

I've asked Ludice before for an explanation about all this.

The only thing he said was, "I can't explain it to you. It goes beyond what you would understand. Just trust that you have to keep doing this for the time being."

I don't trust this place at all, but I know I can't leave.

When Ludice said that it was for the time being, I felt a bit of hope. Perhaps this was only temporary or just a hallucination. That was replaced later with a horrible thought.

What if I'm here until I die?