About an 18 yr old nerdish and not very handsome(actually ugly to some)he has some problems.

He is an half breed alien (something his mother was unaware of due to an abduction)

He was marked an bitten by a werewolf when he was 5 yrs old

He is totally a nerd and the ultimate shy nice guy which means he gets bullied by the jocks

and the preppies and ignored and insulted by the girls.

Yet when he transforms into his loner wolf self he is a magnificent and strong wolf but even in this state he is still the nice guy .

OH Yeah he has these strange mental powers which pop up at unusual times which causes havoc in his life at times.


In the high school hallway of Wayne High School there was a loud shout, "Hey cretin, ya you

Shep , haven't told you a thousand times not to get in my way," hollered the Star Quarter back of our football team, Gary Moore whose father is the Alpha male of the wolf pack in our community.

"I'm sorry Gary , I didn't see you !" I stuttered out in fear. I weighed all of 135 lbs and Gary was at least 100 lbs more than me.

"Well you freaking ugly nerd open your eyes next time." As he walked past me shoving me up against my locker.

Gary's football buddies sniggered along with just about everyone else in the hallway and they in turn

shoved me or bumped me as well as they past by me.

In the process of all this happening my books and note books were knocked out of my hands and scattered all over the hallway floor. I was on my hands and knees scrambling to collect them because the 1st bell was only a couple of minutes before ringing and I had to cross ½ the school to get to that class. Most likely it seemed I was going to be late for that class if I didn't hurry.

Twenty seconds latter I had everything stuffed into my book bag but not very neatly and started running

towards my class... next thing I knew I was sitting at a desk with someone sat on my lap . She immediately let out a sharp and loud shriek as she jumped up off my lap.

"Hey,were the Hell did you come from?" a tall blonde cheerleader by the name of Courtney shouted.

"Get out of my desk chair moron!" she add a second latter. Unfortunately , Courtney"s father was another Alpha male in the pack as well. Then again Gary and Courtney both believed they were Alpha's as well because of their fathers standing within the community pack.

You may be wondering how I know all this... I'm not sure why or how but I do... how ever I have seen them on a running hunts while I was out by myself on several times. I'm a loner and as far as I know

none of the community pack knows of my existence because I keep a very low profile and do my hunting and running alone as I have since I found out that I was a werewolf when I was 6 yrs old.

I looked at the clock on the classroom wall just above the door. Thirty seconds before the 1st bell should ring , how did I get here so quickly and how? I ask myself.

"Well, are you deaf as well as being stupid, asshole?" Courtney fumed at me.

"Ummm... , sorry Courtney," I muttered as I started moving to find another desk and seat to move to.

There was one at the back of the class in the corner with empty desk around it so I chose it and sat down . Just as I did the 1st bell rang and the teacher walked in , "If your not in a seat get in one , we have a lot to cover in today's class ." Our teacher Mr. Otterman was a no nonsense type teacher and was a force to reckon with if you didn't tow the line in his class.

Mr. Otterman began calling class roll when a knock at the door interrupted him. He walked over to the door ,opened it and a beautiful blonde ,blue eyed girl walked in saying to Mr. Otterman , " I'm sorry I'm late but the office had some problems with the computer before they could print out my schedule here's my hall pass excuse from the office Sir." The new girl told him.

"Class we have a new student by the name of Honey Stradford coming from Palm Springs ,California

would you like to tell the class anything about yourself Ms. Stradford?" Mr. Otterman ask Honey.

"Thank you, as the teacher says my name is Honey and I did live in Palm Springs ,California before moving here to Huber Heights, Ohio . My fathers Company transferred him here to take over a new division of the company . I was a cheerleader at my old school and I hope to try out for the squad here."

Again she thank Mr. Otterman and he told her to choose a desk and sit down. As she was looking around she saw me sitting amongst several desk that were empty so she headed in my direction. However not before several of the jocks tried to persuade her to sit next to them. Each desk had 2 seats per desk. However she ignored them and sat at the same table desk as me .

I was in shock and worried also that if such a beautiful girl chose to sit by me while ignoring the jocks my life was about to get very uncomfortable and maybe dangerous to my health.

"Hi, my name is Honey what's yours?" she inquired of me while looking at me with a precocious smile, while coiling a lock of her hair on her finger.

"Huh... probably someone that's going to get beat up because you sat next to me and not next to one of them ." as I pointed at the jocks she past to get to my desk.

She laughed and said, " You still didn't tell me your name."

"It's Shep ,short for Shepperd ." I stuttered out to her.

"Well Shep does that come with a last name as well?" she inquired.

I was still looking around as she was talking to me while eyes of all the jocks were starring holes in me,

"Um... Its Shep... I mean... Shepperd Jones ." Not liking the stares I was getting from around the class room.

A/N: this is my 1st attempt at writing a werewolf type story … sorry i'm not a true follower of the

"twilight" tv series so not really familiar with a lot of the jargon used . Other than what i've read

by other great authors on this site that do.

Spoiler for chapter 2:

Honey's father is a high ranking Alpha male from the Palm Springs pack and he's moved intentually

to get the Alpha male that's in Huber Heights for his daughter. The werewolf that bit Shep at 5 was Honeys father. He was in the area when Shep was 5 . His wolf senses told him to mark him and that Shep was special in some way. Of course niether Shep nor Mr. Stadford were aware of the fact that Shep was ½ alien.

Ok, I realize this is sci-fish as well as fantasy combined with a tad of romance teen angst thrown in

what i'd like to know if any of you think this plot will fly well. I'm hoping the alien/werewolf combo in Shep is a new idea that no ones done before.

Also anyone with any suggestions on plot twists or to improve my characters or anything else helpful would be appreciated as well. Flipper66= author