The Graveyard

There is a story I heard long ago

Of a boy who appeared out of the snow

Silently, without a sound

Leaving nothing but footprints on the ground

His footsteps were steady, sure and slow

Cheeks and nose red from winter's cruel blow

Not fighting back he continued beyond

Where his quarry, a graveyard, lay some distance on

His fingers curled tightly in his right pocket

Trying to remember the feel of the locket

And the picture it held safely in place

The truest, enduring tribute to her face

Everything was bleached white and gray

With a wandering mind it would be easy to stray

But he couldn't with the locket in his fingers

And while the memory of her still lingered

He crested a hill and with the snow still falling

He saw the sentinel gravestones calling

And he felt the pull of her spirit, and heart

Her final words that nothing could keep them apart

He picked up his pace with it now in sight

The weak sun's rays shining their light

On the fresh roses atop the stone

Reminding him that he was not alone

He came to a gate, rusty with years

It creaked open as he held back tears

Wandering through all the forgotten names

That fell victim to life's cruel games

Finally he fell to his knees

Wishing he could turn back time and make it freeze

When the sound of her name brought him smile

Instead of to the graveyard to cry for a while

He slowly traced the neat letters and numbers

While she lay below, unaware in her slumber

Then he pulled out the locket and gave it a kiss

Laid it on the roses, murmured how much she was missed

He stayed and talked to her about his life

About how he planned to make her his wife

How she would always be in his heart

How nothing could ever keep them apart

He stayed until the sun went down

Casting long shadows upon the ground

Leaving with the promise of tomorrow

Leaving her behind, but taking his sorrow