Holy cow, we had a spot of hard hail today and it was kind of fascinating as I stood outside watching it because the wind blew and the SUN shone down while it was happening. My hair tossing and my bare feet forced to soak in the cold cement porch without complaint and drinking hot chocolate all the while.

A patch of blue sky off to the left and even brighter sky in front of me. The rest of it was dark and swirly, but the mix of it all felt like it was out of an epic book and I was standing just at the edge of it under my porch cover.

I watched as it beat the ground and it came down harder and harder until the clouds shifted and the sun shone brilliantly into my eyes. I had to lift my hand up to shade them and then in a blink the intensity broke and the hail stopped with just a few left over ice balls falling a little late to the ball game.

Then I walked back inside to hibernate for the rest of the evening refreshed enough to hold me over until tomorrow.