Summary: Austin McCoy is an 18 year old training to become a protector of angels. His life is nearly perfect until he begins having strange nightmares about a helpless girl. But could his dreams be more complex then he realizes?

Author: Daisy215 also known as Daisy215769 or Care

Rating: This story is rated T for teen. Please see the sites ratings guide for more information about ratings.

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WARNING: This chapter contains a slightly sexual scene.

~Chapter 2~

I chuckled softly to myself in the dark tv room.

Zombies are the best.

The armless zombie on the screen ate off the head of another screaming person. He began to grunt and then fell on his face. I began to chuckle louder.

This was great.

The TV made an annoying dinging noise as a severe thunderstorm alert ran across the screen.

I rolled my eyes, there was a storm warning every night, we lived in Wisconsin for crying out loud. The weather was never good and when it was Lake Michigan would make it change five minutes later.

Lightning flashed outside and illuminated a silhouette, causing me to jump. My heartbeat slowed when I saw that it was only Kirie, hair wet, fresh out of the shower.

"Hey, whatcha watchin?" Kirie asked me, coming into view. Her strawberry blond hair was pulled back with many tendrils escaping and her freckles were illuminated by the light of the tv. She strolled over to me.

"Something with zombies," I told her as she sat next to me.

"You and your zombies," she laughed, snuggling into my side on the couches rough fabric. I pulled at one of the straps on her tank top, something we'd been doing since before we were dating. She smiled at me.

"I thought you'd be asleep," I told her, annoyed at the TV's flickering and the loud thunder. I just wanted to watch a movie after a long day of training.

"It's 7 o'clock," she told me pointedly.

"Oh," I muttered, remembering back to my dream, everyone staring, taking a shower...

Was it really only 7?

"You can change it if you want," I offered, knowing that she wouldn't want to watch some bad zombie movie. I'm not sure what it is about bad zombie movies that appeal to me. Maybe it's because you know their fake, or that they don't have a plot you have to pay attention to. You can just laugh at the stupidity.

"Or, we could do something else," she suggested with a cheeky smile.

I grinned back at her, "Something else huh?"

She leaned in closer and I could feel her light breath on my face.

"Yeah." she whispered.

She leaned in and touched her lips to mine, tentatively at first, but then quickening her pace.

My pulse raced in my chest as I reached for her, pulling her onto my lap and flush against me.

I heard her moan softly against my lips and I wove my hands into her thick hair, pulling it out of her hair elastic.

Her lips were so soft, her body so warm against mine.

Her tongue found its way into my mouth and it twisted with mine.

Her small fingers ran down the soft fabric of my shirt to the bottom, playing with the fabric there.

I moved her hands back and took my shirt off in one quick motion so we could continue our activities.

She smiled against my lips, tracing my abs lightly with her long nails.

I smiled as I felt her nimble fingers drifting across my lower abdomen.

Her small cold fingers.

Cold, like the forest in my nightmares.

I blinked, and coughed, I wasn't going to think about that right now.

She pulled back, biting her lip as her eyes scanned my face.

"Are you alright?" she asked me tentatively.

I contemplated telling her that I was thinking about my nightmare.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I told her, not sure if I sounded convincing.

Her eyes narrowed at me, but in a playful way.

"Austin McCoy, you think too much," she told me, her playful smile reappearing.

"I agree," I told her playfully, poking at her sides. She giggled softly.

"I think we should do something about that," she said with a suggestive smile.

"Really? What kind of something?" I asked with a smirk, knowing what she was suggesting.

Her hands that were still on my abs started drifting downward.

The door flew open and Jacob pressed some random blond to the back of it, both of them moaning loudly.

He was wearing just his boxers and she was in her underwear which he was in the process of removing...

"Jacob!" Kirie shouted, turning bright red.

He seemed to not hear her or not to care as he continued to kiss the blond, he almost seemed to be eating her face. I wonder if it Kirie and I kissing had looked like that.

"Jacob!" I yelled, significantly louder than Kirie had.

He jerked his head in our direction, not bothering to untangle himself from his current activities.

"Oh, hey man. Sup?" He asked raising a hand in greeting. I rolled my eyes in response to his greeting.

"I hear enough about what you do in your free time without having to watch man," I told him.

He looked at me confused and I gestured at the girl, who didn't seem to notice Kirie or I, and seemed rather annoyed at being interrupted.

"Oh right, uh, catch you in a few hours Taylor?" he said to the girl, who rolled her eyes and stormed out, her hair an angry flash of blond behind her.

"She wants me," Jacob said confidently, his eyes watching her with the look of a predator.

"Of course she does," I muttered.

"Uh...Jacob?" Kirie stammered, refusing to look at him.

He looked over at her lazily, not bothering to even respond.

"Could you um, put some clothes on?" She asked, looking mortified. It was like she was a completely different girl than the one who was making out with me a moment ago. I'm not saying I object to Jacob wearing clothes. He should keep those on when walking around the place.

"You know you want this-" Jacob saw my glare and immediately changed his tone.

"Sorry automatic response, uh, yeah I'll go find them..." He said, passing Jack on his way out.

Jack looked at him in his boxers and then at me and my lack of shirt.

"I'm watching the hockey game, if you're not going to watch, go somewhere else," He said, rubbing his temples, muttering something about damn teenagers and their damn hormones under his breath.

"Oh, who are we playing?" I asked, noticing my fiancé huff and roll her eyes at my question.

"Oh, um I mean-" I turned my attention to her.

"No, watch the game. It's fine, I'm going to go fold laundry," she said, getting up and quickly leaving.

"Are you gonna go after her?" Jack asked me, exasperated with conversation going on over the game.

Images of Kirie and I on the couch mixed with images from my dreams flashed across my mind. Kirie's strawberry blond hair, the dream girls light blond curls. The heat of Kirie's lips, the cold of the forest. The smile on Kirie's face, the pain on the face of the mysterious girl who haunted my thoughts.

I needed to get my head together.

"No, I'm gonna watch the game," I told him, slumping back down into the couch.

He seemed satisfied with this answer, as he nodded and proceeded to turn up the volume.

The academy had two libraries, the bigger and the smaller.

The research and the fiction.

The formal and the casual.

Yeah, they had plenty of names.

In one of the corners of the smaller library was my drafting space.

Almost completely encased by bookshelves, the area was hard to find, especially in the day.

When I worked into the night the light I used could guide you to the small area.

Tacked to the wall I had numerous blueprints, along with a few various pictures and postcards.

It wasn't that I wanted to be an architect, I just found sketching relaxing, and was hard to screw up on a drawing of a building.

That and Kirie wanted me to plan out her dream house for when we got married.

Her dream house was a modest, two story red brick home with a big deck out back for hosting parties.

It had a sprawling garden and a pond filled with multicolored Koi.

A wooden picket fence and pink rosebushes.

My worst nightmare.

Generally speaking, guys lived at the academy. They married, and their wives lived with them at the academy.

If one of my sisters was to marry someone who didn't work or train at the academy, then they would move. Just as my older sister Brooklyn had done.

It was custom, simply how things were done.

This way the academy always had trainers, doctors, chefs, and whatever other members were needed.

At the same time, it never became over populated.

Although, it was hard to imagine the academy as over populated, it was the biggest and most complex building I had ever seen or been inside. For all anyone knew there were entire unoccupied wings.

Why Kirie wanted to leave the dark wooden building, the cool draftiness, the place that was home to me, was beyond me.

We had both grown up here, and she was determined to leave.

I glanced down at my sketch, which was supposed to be the top floor with a guest room she had asked me to add.

It wasn't the top floor.

Or a blueprint at all.

Across the special blue inked paper I'd drawn the girl from my dreams.

Dropping the pencil in shock, I stared at my drawing.

The features were spot on, it was without a doubt her.

I mindlessly ran my pinky over the waves of her hair, tracing each wave that fell down her shoulder.

My pinky carefully traced her perfectly round ears and ran down her jawline.

In my picture she was sleeping, only the tormented look on her face was gone.

She was smiling.

I gently traced her smile with the tip of my finger.

"What are you doing?" A voice behind me demanded.

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