The Stranger

I was walking all the way home earlier, thinking about the ugliest grade in OJT and the sermon that I've got from the professor. Yeah, I admit that I commit mistakes by being late in going to office, spending the damn day on sitting and going around, looking for something to do although there's nothing really to be done. While walking, I saw stone and kicked it. After some time, I stop kicking it and I saw a woman sitting just beside the road. She was crying; the moment I heard those wails tease me to cry but I immediately brushed my emotions away. I was hesitating at first to give her a hand, but , yeah, I'm a woman yet I have the heart of a man. I approached and sit beside her.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Who are you?" she asked back.

"A passer-by. A kid to say."

"A kid? You look like one but, seems the way you talk, you are old."

I scratched my head, "Some says that I'm too young because of my height and now, there's a beautiful woman here weeping and saying that I'm old."

The moment she looked at me, I asked her, "Now that you see me, do I look too old, woman?"

For some reason, she laugh a bit and she wiped her tears. She even slapped my back much to my surprise.

"Thanks..." she said

"For what? I didn't do anything."

"For making me laugh and forget my problem."

She smiled and the moment I saw it, my problems and worries disappears in an instant. I started to wonder why did I approached her although I'm really feeling sick to go home and spend the day brooding and thinking. I was about to stand and leave her alone like it was nothing, she pulled my sleeves.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Go back to where I belong. I'm just a stranger and you should not give your trust to a stranger like me." I replied politely.

"Even if it is a kid?"

"How would I know?"

I gently removed her hand and just turned my back. She reminds me of a girl who used to be pissed the hell out of me and usually jumps on my back and welcomes me home. But deep within me, although that girl who used to be part of my life for a short time was the only person who recognized me. I don't really like to be welcomed whenever I go home but even if I say it a hundred times to her way back then, she never grew tired of saying, "Welcome home, HONEY!" then she would jumped at my back and try to pissed me like, "Hey honey, have you got something for your beloved wife?" I just throw her back and leave her all alone. She never grew tired after I felt liking to hear the words welcome home...

She just grabbed my hand and held it tight. That was really something but, I've made a promise to myself, no women for now, not even now. I was starting to get irritated but I asked her still in a very gently way.

"What do you want from me, woman?"

She looked at me so innocently, "Can you stay even more for just a while?"

"Why would I do that?" I scoffed.

"Because, I'm afraid to be all alone again." she whispered.

My eyes grew wide. I was thinking; she might be all alone like me after all. Hell, why am I so attracted to her all of a sudden? I just brushed my emotions again and I don't really want to tolerate her. I can't leave her all alone so, I just let her hold my hand as long as she wishes.

And here we go, now, I was walking with a woman with me and all the people along the way are all looking at us. What the?! Do they think that I was some kind of a...
Hey! I'm not like that! That was stupid and why am I thinking so stupid just now? I shook my head much to my embarrassment.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

"Heh. Nothing. Just walk and never look around. Some bastards are looking at us like we are some kind of..."

She interrupt. "Doesnt matter. Do I need their opinion and annoying looks to ease my loneliness?"

"Loneliness huh?"

When we arrived at a particular street where there's no presence of lights, she faced me just an inch away from my face. She smiled at me.

"I met a very weird stranger today and among the strangers, you are the strangest."

"Why is that?"

"Because of how you talk. You really look like a kid in height but, you do have a little humor after all."

"And then?"

"And then, I conclude that, it was really something. Some kind of strange feeling to met such a stranger."

"I f that's what you've said, I don't have any subjection to it. That's your opinion."

She grabbed my T-shirt and pressed her lips against mine. I don't even show any reactions. If she feels like doing it, then she has my permission to do that. She's not my girl after all but, it is really something that a stranger shouldn't do to other strangers. What a woman; she seems so confident doing it. I used to be dating women but I never had the guts to do that. It is just like I'm contented for having a girl by my side and do my part to make her happy except for one thing, kiss; I never really like to give a kiss to a girl.

After a few seconds, she smiled again. I just stared at her.


"Yeah. Thank you."

"Thank you for what?"

She whispered something in my ear so sincerely, "You made me happy tonight."

"If that's what you think and believe."

"I want to share that kiss with a stranger someday and when that day comes, I hope that it would be you."

"I hope not."

She laugh and ran away. She stopped for a while and waved her hand in the mid-air.

"Bye stranger!"


I just saw her running away as her figure disappears in the mist of the night. I was hoping that someday, I will never be able to see that woman again.

I took a deep breath. "Now, I'm a second-hand kisser now."