Just to let you know, this was my entry to Hong Kong Young Writers Awards! And it got chosen out of about 800 other entries. Woohoo! Then... It got in the top four out of ALL the other entries, aka 1,540! Double Woohoo! Also, the little words thing is due to the word limit. I'm in the second group, which is why I can only have under 1000 words in this. Enjoy... (BTW, I know the ending sucks. Word limit, people, couldn't do anything else...) AND, this is going to be really published in an anthology of short stories! :D

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Jasmine glanced at me out of the corner of her eye.

"You okay?"

I nodded. "I'm fine."

Jasmine didn't respond immediately. I turned my head to look at her, only to see my sister craning her neck to see the pilot.

I followed her movement. The pilots' eyebrows were furrowed, and the co-pilot was staring at the radar. He pressed a button, and the signs for seatbelts lit up.

"Passengers, attention." The co-pilot's voice resounded through the small plane. "We are going through a severe turbulence. In ten minutes we are going to pass over the Great Wall to have an emergency landing, so would everyone please put on their seatbelts and get ready."

I sighed and fastened my seatbelt, and then did Jasmine's, trying to stop her from hyperventilating. My little sister always had a problem with heights, so having a sister like me-calm, cool, and level-headed- that had a strangely catastrophic life was very useful for her.

"Oh, God, Stephanie, what if we crash? What are we going to do-!" The plane wobbled.

"Whoa!" Jasmine's knuckles were white on her seat. She began to grab at the emergency jacket under her seat, and gestured at me to do the same. Sighing, I obliged. Jasmine stuffed the jacket behind her and began to pack her bag.

The plane shook again. Jasmine froze for two seconds. "Do you think we're going to crash, Steph?"

"We're going to land soon, Jazz. No worries."

Jasmine nodded slowly. "No worries. Right."

The plane swayed a few times. The plane's nose suddenly dipped, and I suddenly regretted telling Jasmine that it would be fine.

We began to plummet. A few passengers screamed as the air pressure increased rapidly. I imagined myself as Brian Robeson, in the plane that was crashing and suddenly landing in the 'L' shaped lake.

Three hundred feet, two hundred, one hundred fifty, one hundred… I blacked out.

"Stephanie! Wake up!" I sat up, and Jasmine's forehead hit mine.

I rubbed my head wistfully, as if I was an amnesia victim. Jasmine stared at me.

"You're awake! Finally!"

"I figured," I muttered.

"I can't believe we crashed. There was an airport, like, this close-" Jasmine narrowed the distance in between her thumb and forefinger. "-and BOOM!" She imitated an explosion. "We landed. You blacked out when we were almost at the ground. Eve's hurt really badly, since she was sitting roughly where the plane cracked."

"Who's Eve?"

Jasmine narrowed her eyes at me.

"Oh, a passenger. Of course."

We sat in silence for a while, listening to people shouting, the noise mostly coming from where Eve was sitting.

Eventually, the noise died down as Eve fell asleep. The head pilot called in an assembly, to get to know everyone and their situations.

There were roughly fifty people on the plane. None of us really cared what the other parties were doing, but we just wanted to get home.

"Don't worry, everyone. We're along the Great Wall, so we can't be far from civilization." The head pilot reassured a few passengers that were panicking.

Soon, night fell as the daylight dimmed. Groups of twos and threes huddled together, whispering about the situation. Jasmine and I just lay in silence, knowing that no words could help.

All too soon, I woke up. It was about six o'clock, so there was enough light for me to explore. I began to walk eastward. There was a forest there, next to the plain that everyone was sleeping in. Jasmine was still asleep, so I didn't worry about her.

The forest was dry, which made me more confident. I moved fast, since I was one of the best athletes in Yale.

A few minutes later, I was tired. The forest seemed to go on forever, but I knew that the end had to be somewhere and I was determined to find it.

Suddenly, I heard a strange sound. It was similar to the binaural beats that I listen to, consisting mostly of Theta beats. Very quickly, I did a reality check, but my fingers failed to pass through my palm. I took a few steps cautiously, and the sound's volume increased notably.

I began to run towards the source of the noise. My palms were tingling, and I couldn't shake off the feeling. Slowly, the beats began to become louder and louder, and soon it was as if the noise was being blasted in my ears.

I stopped. In front of me was a swirling mass of pink, blue, green, and purple mist. In the middle was a portal of blinding white light, which reminded me of a few pictures I saw of the Hurricane Katrina.

I instantaneously knew what it was. There was a portal in front of me, summoned by magic I couldn't possibly fathom. Somehow, I also knew that it would take me home… home sounded like a haven right now. Forget about our jobs, home was where I needed to go.

Jasmine. What about her? A voice in my mind asked me. I was tempted to leave her, though. I shook my head. Overwhelmed by the feeling of loyalty and protectiveness, I started to run back in the direction I came from. My brain told me I had five minutes.

I began to run faster. I was almost there. Soon I was sprinting, and two minutes later I reached the plain. I grabbed Jasmine's arm and hauled her upwards, and then took off again. Jasmine mumbled a few incoherent words, but I kept on going.

When I was halfway there, Jasmine woke up with a cry. "What the- where are we? What are you doing? Stephanie!"

I burst into the portal, standing there, waiting for the portal to work.

"A portal? Stephanie, what about the others?"

"They'll be fine." I replied slowly and hesitantly.

However, I knew they wouldn't, because they were in a different dimension.