This was a fantasy poem written for school a year or two ago.

Griffin Tears

The rumbling mountains sing his song

Brown on golden, feathers on fur

So many rights so many wrongs


The blood of legends flows to Earth

Golden eyes with reddened streaks

To caves his fate to always usurp


Wretched treasure, cursed by fate

Wisdom shunned and forgotten

Poisoned with the past's hate


Death of spirit, feel my woes

Shattered morals of olden years

The waterfall forgotten flows


Lightning, thunder, tempest heed

No soul, no heart of mortal ownership

Powered by wrong, hunger, and greed


Ruby piles within his great hoard

Sapphires of wounded prides

Gone the days of owned by lords


Whims do take the shape of he

Fantasy tears at the strings

Lost, no mortal eye can see


Yet in the darkest stars appear

The egg has cracked, reveal! reveal!

Hold in his shining heaps most dear


The scarlet red of roses blooms

Among the jewels that sparkle there

The destiny of he still looms


For valleys lush and green portray

His emeralds short-lived beauty

His amber stones sunlit rays


The end still grips the mortal's fears

His wonderful opals and stones

Slip like legends' falling tears


The fancy lives are obsolete

The griffin cries his bitter tears

The tapestry is incomplete