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I'm sure you know there will be a sexual relationship between two women, but if you don't know this is me warning you. There will be a sexual relationship between two women in this story (starting at the very beginning actually).

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This story is going to be told in rather short chapters, snapshots showing Quinn's and Artie's growth together.

Life Lessons

1: Down

Quinn Matherson was doing her best not to moan, but it was so damned hard. It was hard not to scream and beg for more as Artie pounded into her from behind. Artie, whose last name she did not even know. Hell, whose real name she did not even know because she was certain "Artie" was a nickname. Something to fit with the masculine image that Artie liked to portray.

The masculine thing was actually one of the reasons Quinn was in her current position – being with Artie in general, not in the small dorm room, in Artie's bed, on her knees, eating a pillow, and gripping the bed for dear life as her body shook with rippling pleasure that she could feel on every inch of her entire being. She had been strictly into men, and still considered herself quite straight despite enjoying the rare feeling of Artie's breasts pressed against her back. She just did not have the best of luck, or any luck really, with men and that had started with her high school sweetheart, Thomas Aneja.

She and Thomas had been together since their sophomore year in high school. They had been every much teenagers in love. They went to prom together and they were each other's firsts. They had actually talked about getting married after graduating and living in a dorm together in the university they would both be attending. They had never gotten beyond talking, though.

Once they had gotten to Parker University, a rather prestigious school, Thomas started to realize how little they had experienced together and how much they could experience apart. It was not until spring term of their freshmen year that he finally spoke up. He made a rather impassioned speech about how they were young and needed to live more of life before they committed to each other. He feared that they would grow to resent each other and regret not doing more if they ended up jumping into marriage so young. He had been adamant that it would probably lead to a divorce.

Quinn had gone along with his logic because he might be right and he might just not want to be with her any more. She had no desire to trap him in a relationship that he did not want to be in. So, they were "on break" to sow their wild oats. They remained friends, sort of, and they would decide if they were going to be together at the end of their undergrad careers.

From that point, Quinn went out to "experience things apart." She had dated plenty and it never failed to end in disaster. She had asked Thomas on several occasions what he saw in her because he probably needed his head examined. He could rattle off a long list and sometimes he even got a wistful look in his eyes, as if he wanted to take her back at that very moment. If only. She would go back in a hot second, but he never said anything.

Making her even more frustrated beyond her dating life was her school life when fall semester of her sophomore year came around. She had to take a required math course and she discovered that a year without math had left her brain full of cobwebs instead of equations, and her brain preferred the cobwebs. A classmate had suggested Artie as a tutor and things could have remained that way if only her roommate had not opened her big mouth.

Morgan Carlton was her roommate, best friend, and possible devil on her shoulder if given the chance to speak. She told Morgan everything and Morgan did the same. Her bubbly blond roommate had put the bug in her ear that she needed to take her sexual experience a step further and do what ninety-five percent, Morgan's made up statistics, of all college girls do – sleep with another girl.

Quinn argued that she was straight, first and foremost, and that she did not know any girls that she would want to sleep with or that would want to sleep with her. It was then that she found out that she already knew the perfect woman – her math tutor. Apparently, Artie had no problem sleeping with curious girls.

Quinn still argued that she was straight and Morgan commented that sleeping with Artie just barely counted as sleeping with a woman. Artie carried herself like a man and dressed like a man, although Quinn usually only saw her in her dorm where she wore wife-beaters and basketball shorts, which Quinn did not think qualified as "dressing like a man." Artie could very well dress differently for class, going out, and things like that. Quinn would easily admit that she did not know Artie enough to comment on her being manly, but there was something to her. A swagger and it was the thing that made Quinn give in after the seed was planted.

She had awkwardly approached Artie with the idea and the way Artie had given in had almost sent Quinn running to the door. Artie caught her and pulled her to her powerful chest. Artie definitely worked out. She was stronger than Thomas. Quinn almost hyperventilated because she did not know why she was being pulled back at first and she feared the worst. But, Artie assured her that it was fine and sat her down, telling her that she just needed to set the rules if this was going to happen.

Quinn had been confused by the need for rules, but realized Artie wanted her to be comfortable with what they were about to do. She had come up with things that she feared might be insulting, but Artie took everything in stride. She only allowed Artie to fuck her from behind with a strap-on and there would be minimum touching involved. She figured that way, she would be able to forget that Artie was a woman and since she did not have to see her, she could imagine that Artie was a man. She just needed to keep it clear that she was straight, completely and totally straight despite the experimenting. She did not want Artie to be confused about her sexuality, not that Artie seemed to even think twice about what they were doing.

She did not want to admit, but she had not thought those rules all the way through and it was virtually impossible to think that Artie was a man, even with her expert handling of the dick moving inside of Quinn.

A sharp tug to her long, dark brown hair pulled her from her thoughts and that moan that she had been holding back escaped with a few purrs, too. Everything going on slammed back into her, the hot feel of the room and Artie engulfed her. The smell of her sweat and Artie's scent mixing was enough to make her push back, desiring more. She tried to turn her head, wanting to look at Artie, but her hair was pulled again and punctuated with a particularly powerful thrust. A loud, lusty cry escaped Quinn's throat as she pitched forward, almost falling over. She works those hard, fucking muscles of hers like a pro, Quinn managed the thought through the haze of ecstasy.

"Too rough?" Artie asked, leaning down and those damned, delicious plump nipples grazed Quinn's back. Her breath ghosted against the shell of Quinn's ear and her heart rate soared.

Quinn hissed and arched, pressing Artie into her just a little more. The feel of those taut gems made Quinn shiver with bliss and she let loose a low mew. The taller woman took that as her answer and pumped even harder. Quinn lost her grip on the bed and collapsed as pure ecstasy blazed through every inch of her body. She groaned into the mattress, pretty sure that she was about to blow apart. Her heart was pounding and all she could do beyond make noise was hope that Artie did not kill her with that damn dildo.

"You close?" Artie whispered, sounding so extremely close, almost as if she were inside Quinn in more ways than one.

Quinn shook that away. She managed to grunt out, "No talking."

It was a rule and Quinn did not have the brain power to commit to answering questions, anyway. She needed to focus all of her energy on climbing higher and higher as the blazing euphoria built, boiling her blood and burning her nerve endings. God, she's so fucking good at this!

Quinn began drooling as Artie took charge of her hips and pulled Quinn to her. She groaned into to mattress and screamed as the final thrust came, deeper than ever. Everything inside of her erupted in complete and total rapture, intense satisfaction took over every piece of her body. In the back of her mind, she heard the headboard slam into the wall and she moaned at the noise. She collapsed on the bed, panting and twitching from the wondrous pleasure coursing through her. She mewed and moaned, sounding disappointed as Artie eased out of her.

"Oh, god," Quinn moaned as she felt the bed move.

Artie had gotten up and was taking off the strap-on. Quinn had her eyes half open as Artie leaned over her and pulled a blanket over her. Quinn smiled and Artie smiled back. The sparkling, almost innocent look in those reddish brown eyes did not the image of a woman who had just fucked Quinn into a coma.

"I'm worn out," Quinn felt the need to state the obvious because her brain cells had been burnt out during that session.

"And this is why we study first. You can sleep here. I've got work to do and I'm not going anywhere," Artie replied. Quinn was asleep as soon as Artie finished talking.


Next time: see Artie tutor … actual math.