"Doing petty and useless work still, I see."

I heard his voice and my stomach flipped. No, I chastised myself. Stay put. He is just another man. "Still an arrogant ass, I see."

Jason, as I'd come to discover his name, chuckled heartily at my reply. I turned around slightly, just to see him leaning on the door jab; like a modern prince, his hair was impeccable and his attire fit him as if it was made just for him. "You have a quick wit Lady Annett, I wonder if your responses are just in banter or when you are... enflamed."

I snorted, an unladylike sound, my heart beating faster from the look of mischievousness he was giving me. "Enflamed? What era are you from?" I smiled because, damn it, he was a funny and witty guy and that was something I liked. "And don't tell me that was some kind of innuendo because you epically failed. Mikey could probably do better than that!"

The humor dropped from his eyes and they turned sober, cold, and hard. "And who is this Mikey you so fondly speak of?" His face was neutral, no hint of anything, his cold eyes were the only ones showing emotion showing, and it wasn't a good one.

A pleasurable feeling came over me. One of power. Inexplicable, really because there was no reason to feel over Jason's reaction. "He's a very darling little fellow. A bit too mischievous but he's harmless. You'd actually like him... maybe. I've been told people who are alike don't tend to get along."

"I do not like him already." I had to smile at the sulking tone.

"Oh, stop sulking Jason. A child and mischievousness go hand and hand. Or do you not like children?" I asked, out of curiosity.

Jason was quiet, regarding me with an intensity in his eyes I didn't quite know what to do with myself.

"I like children, Lady Annett. But I do not like others admiring what they have no right to admire." He said in sinfully deep voice. And out of the blue, he was in front of me. All handsome and rugged. What he was doing here, I had no clue, but all of the sudden I didn't care anymore with his standing so close to me. And just like in a bad romance movie full of interruptions my moment was cut short by Lisa, the thin, slutty and whorish beautiful bimbo in this floor.

"Bones, have you copied everything already? Stewart wants those by today since she's all boo-hoo with her recent cheating scandal. And have you..." and that's when you know the hawk has found its fish in the big blue sea.

"Why, hello there," she purred -what she thought was - sexily (or nasally). "I'm Lisa," she extended her talons, eh, I mean fingers, and greeted Jason. "Lisa Barrington, Vice President. Are you a new client?" She asked with a glimmer in her eye.

"Bones, what have I told you about potential clients? They are to be seated and waited upon, not with the assistance, wandering the halls and fawned upon." Her nose was up in the air, her tone of voice condescending and my blood reaching a boiling point.

"Well, Lisa," I began, only to be interrupted.

"Miss. Barrington, Bones. Miss." She said throwing a glance at Jason.

"Sure thing, Miss. B." I said sarcastically. "As I was going to say this is Jason, he's-" and I was interrupted once again by her, only to be put down again.

"I will not be talked to that way, Bones. Remember where your place is and who you are talking to." she said snootily, smoothing down her un-wrinkled skirt.

"Well, Miss. B," I stressed her name, knowing my tone of voice was driving her up the wall. But I didn't get to speak any further because Jason spoke up.

"Mrs. Barrington," I heard his rough voice edged with sarcasm and annoyance. "I did not get to introduce myself before you started to reprimand Lady Annette." He said motioning to me, a sardonic smile on his lovely lips.

"I am Jason Coulson, owner of Prime, C & Co. and a very close friend to Lady Annette." He said standing next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist and bringing me flush against his side. "And I do not think that is any way to speak to an employee, Vice President or not. The workplace is no place for belittling others and if that is what you do; I do hope that this will be the last that I hear of you."

Lisa sputtered out an apology, turning a shade of pasty white before turning an awful puce color. And I was left pressed up against Jason's side, choking on laughter, hanging on to his god awful chiseled stomach, gasping for air.

"Oh, that was a good one! I almost believed it for a minute there Joshy-boy! Oh, man!" I said, barely holding on to his un-fattened waist.

"But I wasn't kidding Lady Annette. I am the owner of this company. Well, the new owner anyways since I inherited it and all that jazz."

"So... you aren't kidding?" I asked very confused and shocked.

"No." He said simply and without a care. "And I have to say, if my assumption about little Miss Barrington, then the whole place will think you're sleeping with the head of company. And I don't mean Jarrod," he said snickering openly.

So I did what any girl would do in my position. I pulled my fist back and punched him in the face.

"So I guess this is nothing but a little lover's spat," I said in a sugary and sickeningly sweet voice and left.